Paper Piling Up In Your Office? It’s Past Time To Go Paperless

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If you still run a paper fueled office, you’re well behind the times. More and more companies are going paperless, and you should be fast on their heels. Global warming is hot upon us, and in the US alone, we use more than 700 pounds of paper. Is it any surprise, then, that the planet is deteriorating fast?

With many technological alternatives available, there’s no excuse for paper waste. If you’re guilty of the crime, it’s past time to rectify the issue. As motivation, consider the benefits to the move.

Saving the environment is, of course, the primary motivation. You live on this planet too! Plus, being seen to care in this way will only help your company’s image. It’s a win, win situation.

Making your office paperless will save you an enormous amount of money. The paper we use varies from office to office, but even small companies use vast amounts. And, paper isn’t cheap. Save yourself the expense by cutting it out as much as possible.

Less paper around the place means more space in the office. Forget bulky filing cabinets. When you go paperless, all your files will be in one, smart space.

Which, in turn, will make life easier for everyone. How often do you spend house trawling through endless paper documents? Cut out the paper, and you save yourself that hassle.

And, these aren’t the only benefits of such a move. Do a little research to discover just how much a paperless office could do for you. And, once you’re convinced, make the change by following these steps.

A filing system in the clouds

If you’re doing away with traditional filing, you need to come up with a decent alternative. You need something which is reliable, and easy to manage. Making life easier is one of the main benefits, here, after all. You could, of course, settle for emailing each other files each day. But, as well as being a chore, such a method isn’t the most reliable. If your email accounts, or computers crash, you’ll lose everything.

Instead, it’s worth finding out as much as you can about cloud computing. If you’ve never heard of it, you must’ve been living under a rock. Cloud computing has become hugely successful in the business world, and it’s easy to see why. This is the best remote filing system you could find. Everything will be stored in your cloud. You won’t have to worry about technical failures anymore. Even better, the cloud will be fast and easy to access, no matter where you are. Taking those filing cabinets around with you wouldn’t be half as easy.

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Emails and payment

When it comes to payment, many companies are guilty of excessive paper use. By the time you’ve printed multiple copies of the invoice and the receipt, you’ll have a small forest on your hands. Which is why many companies now email both their invoices and receipts.

As well as saving you money, this step is sure to go down well with customers. The majority of people now prefer for things to be online. It saves them having to find safe space to keep all those documents!

This can also help you manage your finances if you do it right. Make sure to keep track of any invoices that have yet to be paid. Do so using a remote program such as Google Sheets! And, make a clear mark when payment is received. Having everything in one place like this will be a filing revelation. It’ll also save your accountant having to enter everything by hand. It’ll all be there, ready and waiting.

Digital copies of the daily newsletter

A massive amount of office paper is also used for daily newsletters. And, okay, you need a way to let your staff know what’s going on. But, you don’t need to use paper to do it. Depending on your team numbers, those letters will account for a significant amount of your paper budget.

There are a few alternative options. The most obvious would be to publish the newsletter via your cloud system. The risk there is that people won’t bother. And, if there’s important company business included, that could spell trouble.

As an alternative, you could send the newsletter direct to their inboxes. For proof they’ve read it, get them to reply with a keyword from the letter itself. Don’t think this has to take ages, either. You can easily send to all contacts, rather than entering emails by hand.

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