Small Business and Apps in 2017


Behind us are the days when word of mouth was sufficient to sustain a small business. Please do not misunderstand, the confidence of one customer passing along their experience to others is valuable. Yet, in 2017 the competition has other methods that reaches their target market. Apps have inserted themselves …

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How To ‘Nail’ A Construction Project


Perhaps you’re new to the construction game or perhaps your game has been in the business for years. Whatever the case, there’s always room to grow and improvement as a company, and it all starts with each individual project your team carries out. As employees come and go, you’ll find …

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Franchising, Brand Management and Subsequent Structure Changes


When it comes to franchising brands, there is a great deal of work that needs to be put into distribution and allocation of resources. Through franchising brands, business owners have the opportunity of developing networks and establishing footholds in multiple local economies. This will highly impact the brand income through …

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Your Office Can Do A Lot More For You


A business is full of assets that a surprising number of bosses neglect to use to their fullest extent. If you’re the kind of person who wants to get the best deal out of any situation and, more importantly, you want your money’s worth, you can’t be that person. In …

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