Finance 101: CDs and Savings Accounts


With tax season once again upon us, you may be lucky enough to get a sizeable tax return, and it’s time to start thinking about what to do with that money. You could pay down your business loan or put the money back into your business, or you could invest …

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How to Facilitate an Office Relocation


Office relocation can be tiring and complex process if not planned and organized well. Since it is just a process, it could easily be broken down to several smaller and shorter ones, which can result in a successful relocation with no fuss or problems. Know what you need and exactly …

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Why Small Businesses Need a Publicist

Public relations concept in word tag cloud on black background

Publicists, in general, represent numerous industries (artists, authors, executives, business owners etc.) to the media and keeps them within the eye of promotional opportunities.  A publicist is there to ensure their client is exposed to the public eye.  It is there job to ensure the name or brand of their …

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What is the Cloud, Anyway?


How many times in the last few years have you heard people referring to “the cloud”? It’s this magical thing that no-one seems to understand, but apparently can help your business to succeed. Well, we at Entrepreneur Resources understand it, as do many other companies and businesses out there. We …

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Our Top 5 Apps for Forex Traders


Forex trading apps are these days a necessity for forex traders, especially if it’s one of your business income streams. It’s not surprising to see that the demand for these apps has soared in popularity in recent years. Apps make it easy for forex traders to execute trades while on …

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[LAST DAY] The Name Your Price Promotion

name your price promotion puzzle growth plant

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Name Your Price Promotion. Read more below, or sign up now before the page gets taken down. — After spending the last week helping my husband put together a marketing plan for his music production business, I couldn’t help but …

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