Introduction to High Risk Merchant Accounts


Merchant accounts are almost inevitable for people conducting business on and offline. If you want to process credit cards through a point of sale, then a merchant account will be essential to conduct transactions. However, many new business owners have to deal with bad credit because of lack of revenue …

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Technology Is Moving Fast – How Can Businesses Keep Up?


Over the years, many things have changed how businesses are run. But perhaps the biggest is new technology. New electronic equipment and innovative software have made a significant impact on business. So much so that some entrepreneurs, especially more traditional ones, might have a hard time keeping up. But it’s …

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Old Faithful: Easy Ways To Maintain Customer Loyalty


There’s a lot of advice out there about how to find new customers, and with good reason. Finding customers for your business can be a serious challenge and one that should get the right amount of attention. The work doesn’t stop there, though. Don’t think that just because you found …

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