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Your business is going to be online. Well, it should be online by now anyway. It’s the main source of profit for many companies, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to come without risks. The more precautions you put in place, the better off your business is going to be. But sometimes, you just can’t see the threat that might be coming towards you. Sometimes, the threat is working quietly away in the background, ready to cause disruption when you least expect it. That’s the one downside to the internet, it’s that everyone can access it. Everyone can get onto your website, everyone can see personal company details if they look hard enough for it. It does open up your business to a little bit of vulnerability that you might not welcome. But we want to make sure your company stands strong on the web, and the only way to do that is to solve some of the online business dangers for you. Have a read of the advice we’ve got below, and see if it can solve your issues.

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Competitive Danger

There’s always going to be the element of competition that’s going to follow you through your time running a business. As soon as you first started your business, they would have been onto you like a hawk. Because even though they’re below you, you’re still competition to them, as they are competition to you. Now, the more time you spend in business, the more you’ll realise that your online presence poses a lot of threats to your competitors. So that’s why you need to push for things such as better marketing techniques to make sure that you’re staying one step ahead of them. SEO marketing is one of the best ways of doing so, as well as techniques such as Adwords. SEO works by getting your website ranked higher in Google, through techniques such as link building. The higher up you are in search rankings, the more profit you should be able to make. Using Adwords means you’ll be bidding for those three AD positions at the top of Google. Every term you search will bring up three websites at the top, all with a little green AD sign next to them. These are the ones who will have put bids on to get there. It might be an expensive game, but it’ll be worth it if you’re going to beat competitors.

Browsing Danger

There’s always going to be danger when you’re browsing, whether you’re a business or not. But the information that you could be browsing on your databases might be a lot more important than the usual shopping browsing that your customers might be doing. So, one tip we do have for you is to make sure that you’re using a vpn. It’s like a tunnel that you can use alongside public Wi-Fi, but it’s much more secure than the original public Wi-Fi. Browsing whatever data you might need to browse will be so much more secure using this, and a lot of the vpns are free to use. It might be a slightly more long winded way of browsing, but at least you know your information is going to be secure, and you’re not as appealing to hackers as other people might be.

Downtime Danger

Considering most of your sales are going to come from your website, you want it to run smoothly all of the time. But, like with most pieces of technology, it just might not run as smoothly as you would hope it to. Sometimes you will experience downtime, and when you do you run the risk of losing out on so many sales. It’s not just that, but you could also be at risk of hackers when your website isn’t functioning properly. To make sure that your website stays up and running for the majority of the time, you need a good server for one. You can compare different ones on the internet. You also need to make sure you’ve got someone on hand who can make any changes needed to the coding, so that it’s right back up and running.

Copyright Danger

There’s always the danger of copyright. Whether it be your company that’s copying something else, or whether it be someone copying from you. You should always make sure that you’re copyrighting your website. You should update the dates every year as well, to make sure that people know the copyright is in date. If it isn’t, all it takes is someone to take your whole idea to bring your business down, and they would be perfectly within their right to do so if you don’t update the copyright agreement.

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