New Technologies for Effective Offices

New technologies are making our lives much easier in many ways and businesses simply have to innovate if they want to keep up with the rest of the competition. With so many options out there, however, it can be often tough to see which technologies have the potential to indeed increase the effectiveness of our operations and which ones can’t really do much for our businesses. In this article, we are going to present some of the more promising ideas that undoubtedly belong to the first category.


Tablet Computers

Much has been already said about the possibility of having a fully paperless office, but, upon further consideration, only some of those technologies that are involved in that task are worth investing in at the moment. Tablet computers certainly belong to that list due to their multi-functionality and flexibility.

Regular desktop computers equipped with big screens and comfortable keyboards will undoubtedly stay in our offices forever, but employees that need to fulfill tasks elsewhere as well would probably enjoy the flexibility of tablets, especially if they don’t usually need to type long documents or perform complicated operations. Workers from the more creative departments could also benefit from having access to a tablet computer. It is not only about the fact that inspiration might strike them anywhere, it is also about the fact that it is much easier and more practical to do quick graphics tasks on tablets!


Multiple Screens

Since desktop computers are not going to go out of fashion anytime soon, it might be a good idea to invest a bit more in them – and multiple screens are one of the top options in that department. Yes, it is true – more screen space is not going to make things more cluttered and complicated. On the contrary – more screen space allows for better organization and flexibility. And it is so easy to implement the technology these days!

Thinking that multiple screens are just for multi-taskers and stock market traders would be wrong. Even regular office workers can benefit from having more space for their work. Just imagine a typical situation – an urgent email notifications pops up on your screen. With one screen, you have to reorganize virtually your entire work in order to accommodate for that one small operation. With more screens, you can just re-focus elsewhere in no time and then get back to your original work immediately. Less hassle means more focus!


The Rest

Tablet computers and multiple screens are something that can be implemented into practically every single business operation. However, there are also many specialized technologies that can solve a particular problem or improve a particular department in a tangible fashion. Don’t laugh – even some of the weirdest gadgets turn out to be more useful than you could imagine. Small network-attached servers, portable printers, USB hubs, or even smart pens that can automatically capture notes and audio can be quite practical. The bottom line is that you should always analyse where your weak points lie and look for ways to improve them.

Lewis Edward is one of the owners of The Office Providers. He is an expert in the areas of office space to rent, serviced offices, and general business matters.

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