What You Need to Know About SEO in 2018

If you’re an entrepreneur who does your own marketing, for the most part, you’re probably familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s more commonly referred, to some degree at least. However, with a new year, there come many new rules that can change the game completely. You need to be aware of them if you want to continue to generate a decent level of traffic for your website.

With that in mind, here are a few important things you need to know about SEO:


Mobile First Indexing Will Matter Even More

Mobile first indexing was rolled out in 2017, but it is this year that it is going to be really big. Approximately 60 percent of all online searches are now made by a mobile device, and that means that search engines like Google are starting to favor websites that are mobile responsive above those that are not. A good website marketing solution expert should be able to help you get up to speed with mobile first indexing if you’re unsure about it. Just make sure you don’t brush it to one side because it will be so important!


Voice Search is Set to Explode

Approximately 20 percent of all search queries are now conducted via voice search programs like Google assistant and Cortana. What this means for you is that you are increasingly going to have to alter your SEO keywords to match the way people speak, rather than the way they write. It can be tough to do this and get the balance between ‘voice’ keywords and written ones right, but it is something you will have to learn how to do if you want your business to get a good ranking.


Content is Still King

Despite the fact that we now have voice searches, vlogs, picture-based platforms like Instagram and a bunch of other stuff gaining in popularity online, it is still fair to say that in 2018, content is still king. If you want to reach the first page of Google, for example, you are still going to have to write lots of useful, high-quality content that is at least 500 words long. What is changing is that longer content is starting to be regarded more highly so the more quality pieces that are 1500 words or more that you can produce, the better for your business. If necessary, hire a freelance writer to help you improve your content. Good content will always pay you back in the end.


LSI Keywords are More Important Than Ever

If you didn’t already know, LSI keywords, are Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, which means they are the keywords that appear just below your SERP result. Using them sparingly in your content can help to give your site a boost and get your company’s website seen by more people.


Featured Snippets Could be Big

Some SEO experts think that featured snippets could be much more important for SEO this year. So, try adding them to your site and see if it makes any difference to how well you do.

Time to start making a few changes!


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