What You Need To Know About Disabled Access

Owning a business means that you have a lot of different responsibilities. While there are many different things you are required to keep an eye on, a very common thing that is looked over, is disabled access.

This tends to be a rather taboo subject because people aren’t sure how to go about the topic, but the simple matter of it all – is that if you have a shop, or a place where customers will have to enter, then you need to make sure that you have access for the disabled. This means a disabled bathroom, wheelchair access, the appropriate seating, and a lift if there are any stairs.


It’s important that you take as much advice as you can get from the specialist consultants that know all about supplying the correct disabled access. They will be able to go through your entire business and alert you of all the things that you need. They may also talk to your customer support team to answer any questions they may have, as well as giving them tips on how they can improve. If you would like to get feedback from your customers, have a word with them and talk about any possible things they think that you can change that will benefit not only your customers, but your business too.


Technology is more advanced than ever, so your business needs to keep up with any current changes. Install induction loops or infrared systems so that anyone with a hearing aid can use them to increase the audibility. If you have these in your building, it is essential that you have all the special equipment that go along with them like headphones, and make sure that they are always working properly at all times.

Physical changes

When it is required, you should install ramps, handrails, and lifts. Make sure that you make your walkways wider so that people have better access when in a wheelchair, or with pushchairs, or any other kind of mobility that takes up more room. Add different colours so that people can see that there is a clear difference between steps, as well as larger signs for anyone that has a sight impairment. You can also make sure that there are the correct facilities put in place so that people can come in with guide dogs and hearing dogs. You may also need to add braille to any signs.


Whatever features that you have in your building that are accessible to people with disabilities, it’s important that you have all the information about it, as well as clear signs to let them know they are there, otherwise they will assume you don’t have anything installed. You can also have leaflets available, as well as a website that people can look at to find out more.

Customer service

All of your staff and employees should know about all the facilities that you offer people, as well as how they work, and what they need to do if something isn’t working properly, as problems can always arise at any time. They should be able to answer any questions that your customers have.

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