Merchandise: One Of Your Best Assets In Advertising

No matter what kind of business you are running, unless you happen to be running a drug den, the chances are that you want to make your business known to the world. To get your name out there, make yourself known both as a business, and as a fully fledged entrepreneur who’s out and about, ready to strike the next big deal. No matter how good a business might be, no matter how amazing your product or service may be, it will not get very far if no one knows about it. Marketing and advertising your product is equally as important, and sometimes even more important, than the actual product itself. In order for people to want it, they must know it exists, and for people to want to work with you, they need to know that you are proud of what you do. And what better way of doing that than getting yourself, your employees, and any potential guests to show that they actually care about the company they work at than some clever merchandise? Of course, it’s easy just to say that, but a bit harder to come up with some good merchandise ideas for your business, so to spare you the trouble of having to figure it out yourself, let’s go through a few right now.

Phone accessories

Let’s start with something that’s as universal as it gets in this day and age. Just about everyone and their dog has a phone nowadays, so it’s no surprise that so many companies make phone accessories, both as purchasable merchandise and just bits and bobs for their employees. Of course, if you wish for your employees to actually willingly use them, they have to be somewhat pleasing in the aesthetic sense. For example, if it’s a phone case, it has to be pleasant enough to the average eye that your staff will actually want to use them rather than feeling like they are being forced to use them just to get on your good side. Rather than having to create 20 different designs which vary greatly just to appeal to every single person, go for something much sleeker, much more basic, and much more stylish. Something someone wouldn’t be afraid to be seen with in public, in a cafe or a bus. Go for a minimalistic design, with a cleverly placed logo or something along those lines, and if it looks good enough, then anyone using such a case essentially turns into a walking talking advertisement whenever they have their phone out.

The same principle goes for something like a keychain or phone charm, if you can make it look nice enough, then people will want to put it on their keys or phones. Design it in such a way that it will have that satisfying weight, design, and that certain trait which makes you want to carry something around. You know exactly which one, but it’s rather hard to pinpoint isn’t it?

Wearable merchandise

If your company is the kind which only allows suits and dress clothes then this might not be appropriate, but giving out your staff some clothes might be a great idea otherwise. Having work t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, jumpers or otherwise, definitely brings a sense of belonging to the workplace. Of course, if you make it obligatory to wear, then no matter how nice they might be, most people will hate them for that reason alone, the fact that they have to wear it. Making such a thing optional would probably help both your staff and anyone coming around, being able to easily distinguish who is staff and who isn’t. Of course, if your staff is feeling generous enough, they might even keep it on for the time they travel to and from work.

If you don’t think any sort of uniform-related things would go by smoothly in your workplace, then worry not because there are ways around this. The previously mentioned phone accessories are nice for sure, but they are not exactly out there at all times, if anything, they will mostly be in someone’s pockets. Something which still remains somewhat less intrusive but still rather visible is a custom lanyard. Going and getting some custom wholesale lanyards is probably cheaper than you would expect, and it is most definitely something which most of your staff, not to mention yourself, will find useful and not overwhelming in its presence. A lanyard in itself is rather thin and not exactly that huge to begin with, so you can go a little bit more crazy with its design. Throw on some lettering, maybe the company name and phone number or email as well as some a logo here and there, and you have yourself a handy and effective lanyard at your disposal.

Stuff for kids

If your business is a place where it is likely for children to attend, either alone or with their parents, then you have a great opportunity on your hands. Children are attracted to almost anything “shiny”, so if you’re feeling extra devious, you can use them as one of your best advertisements. Handing out something as simple as a helium balloon to a kid basically assures you quite a large amount of exposure for as long as they happen to be outside. A balloon with a logo or name that is constantly moving and sticking out of the crowd is hard to miss, so consider this a good opportunity.

Kids who have been sitting around moping and being bored while their parents have been dealing with whatever they needed to with you will surely be grateful for some sort of goodie bags. If you prepare some with some basic merchandise like some fridge magnets, maybe a few pens or pencils, a notepad or notebook of sorts, highlighters and other things in the same vein, then you’re sure to have your logo and phone number lying around someone’s house sometime soon. If you proudly display your contact details on these things, then if the need ever arises you can bet that you will be the first person they call in that particular household.

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