Meetings and Entertaining Clients: Stopping a Business Trip Upsetting Your Fitness Routine

Did you gain five pounds last time you went on a cruise? Did you pack on a few more when you went away for a recent business trip? Gaining weight while away from home is all too easy. Fortunately, we know a few tricks you can use to keep your waistline in check no matter how many business clients -or buffet lines- you entertain.

Make a resolution before you go

Develop the right mental attitude before you go, advise fitness gurus at Nerd Fitness. Healthy food options and workout facilities are available virtually anywhere you travel. By not assuming that missed workouts and indulgent eating are inevitable, you set yourself up for success. Ramp up your mental fitness game before you step onto a plane, stay active on the road, and you will exponentially boost your odds of remaining fit and healthy while you’re away from home.


Don’t fall for fast airport food

You might be surprised at the number of calories that are contained in typical airport cuisine. Travel can be an enormous stressor that makes it feel natural to overeat. In fact, travel stress hormones can cause your body to crave the high-fat, high-calorie foods found at airport eateries. The solution? Eat a healthful meal before you catch the airport shuttle. Tuck a high protein, low-fat granola bar or a tin of water-packed tuna into your carry-on luggage and snack on those in lieu of fast food. If you do succumb to the lure of speedy airport snacks, opt for fruit and yogurt or a reasonable serving of trail mix, recommends Men’s Health magazine.


Make no excuses

Tell yourself you will work out, no matter how many days you are away. Make a deal with yourself, and keep it. As we mentioned before, you can find a fitness facility practically anywhere you go. Opt for upscale lodging at a place like the Marriott Washington, DC, and you’ll have easy access to cardio equipment, ellipticals, treadmills, free weights, and other fitness gear without leaving your hotel. Grab a quick workout before every business meeting, and chances are good you’ll arrive home feeling fit and fabulous.

If you do miss a workout while on the road, that’s alright. Whatever you do, don’t miss two. Failing to make your fitness goal one day makes it awfully easy to miss another. Dedicate yourself to a morning walk around the block before breakfast, and get your workout out of the way before you make excuses. Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and use them every chance you get. When the weather’s nice, eschew a taxicab and stroll to your business meeting. If time is crunched, walk home to your hotel instead.

Traveling is a necessary part of some occupations. It’s also a wonderful way to spend time away from work. Plan ahead, don’t make excuses, take your walking shoes, and stay healthy no matter how far away from home you go.

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