The Main Points of a Solid Business

A business should be built on the foundation blocks of greatness. Each businesses foundation blocks are unique in a certain way, but they should all loosley be based around the same things. When you first start a business, you’ll often feel like your mind is running around like a headless chicken. It can be so stressful to know what to do to actually become successful. Especially when you’re competing against so many people. The competition side of things is one of the most stressful things you’ll do. You’ll always be wondering what you can do better, and if there was anything that your competitors did before you to get where they go to. Because in the beginning you’re going to be a little fish in a very, very, very big pond. But as time goes on you’ll slowly start to expand and make your dent in the market, that is when it all starts to feel a little more worth it. So we’re here to try and help ease those nerves a little, and make you aware of the main points that a solid business is built on. Read on to find out more.



One of the biggest building blocks. The way in which you market yourself plays a big part in how successful you are right from the beginning. A lot of people have the wrong impression that you should only start marketing from when you start becoming successful and feel like you’re a more well established company. But this isn’t the case. Right from the very beginning you should be pumping as much money into marketing to see what you can get back out. Obviously don’t overdo it and waste money, do it strategically. Start with the cheaper options first. You’ve got the choice of social media marketing, which is so easy to do. Everyone is on social media nowadays, and it isn’t hard to use. All you need to do is create a business page on the three main social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Then you need to start reaching out to the public and people who you think might be interested. For example, if you’re selling athletics or sports clothing, follow up and coming stars, or even some of the stars. Offer them freebies through social media to get a retweet or a share of a post. Even though you’re giving something away for free, the exposure will pay off. Then you need to think about how you can use the platforms to get generalised attention. For Twitter, you can use hashtags to get yourself noticed. Then put your best products on show through the hashtags. On Facebook, once you’ve created a business page they will send you notifications about how you can boost your posts to get them noticed by more users than you’re actually following from around the world. It is really cheap and will definitely give you another level of exposure. Then you can think of using techniques such as SEO and such others when you become a little bit more successful. Running social media and SEO campaigns are a lot more expensive, and can be pretty risky, so wait until you’re a bit further ahead to give them a go.


Networking is something not a lot of business owners think of until they’re a bit further ahead with their progress, but it is really fun to do from the minute you start your business. Networking yourself through conferences and events is so exciting. You really feel as though you’re being immersed in the business world. Obviously it might be a little too expensive to get a place for a stand, and you most likely aren’t going to be chosen to do a speech. But it is nice to go around and talk to all the different people who work within the niche you do. Just from speaking to a few of the different companies there, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge. If some of your future competitors are there, you could even approach them as a potential customer. Get the inside information about the services they offer, how they produce them, and what prices they offer. You can also gauge their customer service levels, and take some things away that you might like to implement into your own business idea. As you get a bit bigger, you can start to be one of the companies that goes with the stand. It is such a great way to make sales. Customers love to talk to the actual company owners themselves.



A website plays a big part in the success of your business. It is definitely one of the main building blocks of a successful business, that’s for sure. But when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know exactly what to include in your website. Well, the first thing you need to do is build your brand. That involves a theme, a logo, and just how you’d generally like your business to be ran. Maybe even a slogan! You then need to implement this into your website. But, you’re most likely not going to be coders, and the chances are high that you will not have a clue how to build a truly successful website. This is where outsourcing comes into play. The further you go into becoming a successful business, the more you’ll realise that outsourcing is going to be your best friend. A web design company is going to be the one you need to contact for this part of your business. All you need to do is have a solid idea of what you’d actually like to be included in your website, and they’ll work their magic for you. One of the basics you need to include is ease of use. Everything needs to be clear and precise to make sure the user isn’t feeling lost. When they first enter your website, you want to try and showcase your best deals on the home page. Maybe even some special offers that you might have on. Anything to try and draw the user in. The payment part of the process needs to be as smooth and as simple as possible as well. Try and include an area where the user can log in to track their order, change payment details etc. Little details like this is what will make them happy.



Finances can be a bit of an issue from the beginning. To get the business up and running there is a high chance that you’ve taken out a loan. This loan can often be what gets you into trouble. If your business doesn’t take off as quick as you’d like it to, you’ll be struggling to make the repayments on time. If you’re ever late, you’re going to rack up bills like you never have before. Make sure you’re only borrowing what you can in the beginning, and that you’ve saved enough personal money to put into the business rather than relying on a loan. You also need to think about what is going to be best for the business in terms of office or warehouse space in the beginning. If you’re going to be an office based business, people generally work from home to begin with to get the idea up and running. When you feel you’re getting too big, start looking for managed office spaces to go into. Don’t buy into more than you need. You’re likely to be a small business for a while, so go into a small office with the lowest monthly payments to begin with. The shorter the contract the better as well. If it does come to the worse and you can’t afford your monthly repayments, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a contract that you can’t get out of.



Customer service is going to quickly become one of the biggest and most stressful parts of your business. To put it bluntly, customers can just be annoying. They demand too much, and some of them can be rather rude. This isn’t every customer you come across, but you’re going to come across a lot of them in your time. From the very beginning you want to be perfecting your customer service skills, because it will soon come back around to bite you in the future. As soon as someone leaves a bad review of your customer service levels, it’ll tarnish your name forever. To try and please all customers, you want to live by the saying that the customer is always right. They aren’t, let us tell you that, but they need to know they are if you want to try and keep them happy. If they have complaints, deal with them in a manner that is going to please them. For example, if they bring a faulty product back in, you replace it no questions asked to try and eradicate any need for bad reviews. Make sure you’re always giving a service with a smile and that every customer leaves your shop, phone call, or email happy.

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