Know Your Needs: Learn Which Networking Option is Best for Your Business

The fact that the world has been reduced to a global village calls for better and efficient ways of doing business. Most companies are multinational companies rendering their services worldwide. This calls for businesses to develop better and efficient ways to communicate, conduct and manage their business. Moreover, businesses have become so dependent to each other in that it is impossible for them to function effectively without each others help. So much information and processes have to be shared among the businesses and the government. The process of connecting two or more people to share information is referred as networking.


Networking options available in the market

Today there are a number of computer networks available in the market, which are clustered as business, home, and the internet network. The network connections is further divided into three main connections. The point to point connection is the connection of two devices to enable them share information quickly and easily. Moreover, the broadcast connections enables sharing of information with a network and sending copies of the messages to a number of recipients. The multipoint connections allows a device to share information directly with other devices.


Common types of networking

Local area networking (LAN)

The LAN is the most common form of computer networking. It consists of connecting devices that are in cross proximity. This enables the computers share information and data across the network and among each other.


Wide area network (WAN)

It is the popular networking for many businesses and multinationals. It is both a computer and telecommunications network that extends over a wide area. It enables businesses, governments, institutions and other stakeholders to share data more effectively. A good example of wide area network is the SD-WAN. SD-WAN makes it possible to have multiple connections which include MPLS, internet, and other transport pipe. This is an attempt to reduce dependency and making best use of bandwidth.

This brings up the important question what is MPLS? The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a protocol and technology for the transmission of data across two or more locations. It functions simply like the router and switch existing in the business network. MPLS network replaces the traditional IP network which had security issues. For MPLS it guards the security of the data transmitted across paths by clearing defining how the data should be transmitted. The MPLS protocols enables a business connect its multiple locations to a private network.


Fundamental for networking

Networking computers enables businesses to share information such as emails, documents, files and other resources such as internet, disk storage, and printers. There are numerous benefits that come with networking and these include.


Information sharing

Networking makes it possible for business to share information across the network. The business computers are able to send and receive data files across the network. Moreover, communication is enhanced by sharing of messages via chats, emails, and others. Also, networking makes it possible to store data in centralized place.


Sharing resources

Networking has made it possible for businesses to share computer resources such as scanner and printer across networks. This helps in cost saving and monitoring of the business resources and servers in a better manner.


Sharing application

One of the fundamental benefits of networking is sharing application across different companies’ networks. Networking enables different users to use the same application to carry out their duties. A company does need to have a number of applications for the difference if at all it makes use of networking.

Networking remains a fundamental issue that should be undertaken and adhered to by business-minded individuals. Business should choose the best networking options, which in this case remains wide area network. SD-WAN offers you great networking opportunities including making use of MPLS features. Consider networking to enjoy the numerous benefits that comes along.

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