Key Things to Consider When Building Out Your Retail Store

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When opening up a brick and mortar business, the space is often not completely suited to your business. There may be an extra wall, no office, or no furniture. Here are several things to consider to making that empty space your own.

1. Flow of traffic. How do you want customers to walk through your store to find products and even check out? Many clothing stores have registers in the back, which encourages the customer to browse and try on items before checking out. Grocery stores, on the other hand, have cashiers in the front. This reduces congestion while others are shopping and gets you to your car quicker.

2. Product placement. The walls of your business will be important. In service-based companies this may be reserved for artwork, credentials and awards. However, in your retail store, this is a prime product location. Look for ways to maximize wall and floor space in a way that showcases your products but doesn’t look cluttered. Start by researching wall accessories from a place like

3. Signage and display. Remember that one way to gain foot traffic is to have attractive signage and display windows. You want something that is noticeable to cars driving past as well as people walking by. If your business has evening hours, a sign that lights up at night is key. Lit display windows will also be important. Some retail businesses hire experts in visual merchandisers to help plan out the space.

Making sure you plan out your retail space in advance will be important to business success.

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Dequiana Jackson

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