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The flow of companies for major businesses such as Amazon or Nike for example, is never an issue. They’re so established that they don’t even need to think about how to retain their customers. But for the smaller businesses like you, keeping the customers you’ve got, and increasing the flow of customers, should be one of the most important things that you’re thinking of. So, to try and help you out, we’ve got some perfect ways that will help you control and increase your flow of customers using your business. Some of them are so simple yet effective, that you might not have even thought of them before.

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Aesthetics Of Your Shop

The nicer the shop, the more customers you’re going to attract, it really isn’t rocket science. But how many of you can honestly say you put effort into making your shop look great? It is often the last in a long list of priorities for a lot of people. So, the first thing you can think about doing is using a deck coating for the front floor of the store. It lasts longer, is more durable, and just looks better for your customers if you haven’t got wear and tear from things such as water damage. See what we mean, a small change that can have a lot of impact. Then you need to actually think about your shop’s windows. It needs to be bold, inviting, and have your best products on sale. Everyone is a window shopper until they see something that pulls them inside. Let the front of your shop be what pulls them inside! As for the inside, just make sure it is neat, organised, and comfy for your customers. If you’re selling clothes for example, have a small seating area, maybe a sofa, for the men to sit whilst the women shop.

Give Them A Deal

This is probably the best way that you can increase your flow of customers. As long as they have a deal drawing them in, they’re always going to come in. Your competitors will be using techniques like this all the time. If you’re going to give them a deal, make it known through marketing. You could use techniques such as mass email marketing to grab their attention. Monthly deals are the best way to go about things. Switch it up each month and vary what they could receive from going to your store.

Customer Service

If you’re poor at customer service, then you’re never going to be able to increase the flow of your customers. Care about how you treat them, care about how you deal with issues, and care about their values and views. The last thing you want to be doing is shooting your customers down every time they come in with a problem. You should always be addressing it as if the customer is always right, because in business, the customer is always right. Make sure your employees are aware of the standard of customer service as well, sometimes it is them that can bring your company down.

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