Increase Event Attendance with Calendar Marketing

As a small business owner, building credibility is important. One way to do that is by hosting regular events to share your knowledge. These can come in the form of monthly teleconferences, in-person networking events or even online workshops. For example, if you are a web site designer, then you may hold a “How to Increase Sales on Your Web Site” monthly series.

Getting content together for your event is only half the battle. The next hurdle is actually getting people to attend. Sure, sending email invites can work, but your potential customers aren’t just checking email on their computers anymore. Instead, they are also on social media sites, like Facebook, and using tablets and smart phones. That’s where calendar marketing can come in. With online calendar marketing, you can help ensure potential customers don’t miss a single event.

By integrating a calendar communications system like ECAL into your web site, you give options to potential customers on how they can engage with your events. You can publish one event or your entire series on your web site and have it delivered to a potential customer’s Apple device, Android phone, online calendar, and more. Some calendar marketing systems even integrate in Facebook. You can create a Facebook event and allow attendees to invite friends. This can prove invaluable as it increases your reach beyond people just on your friends list. There’s no need for customers to remember to write the event down to add it to their smartphone later because the event can be delivered straight from your site. Make sure your customers always stay up-to-date.

Have you integrated calendar marketing into your small business? Has it helped drive awareness among new potential customers or even helped increase sales? Let us know in the comments below.

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