How to Improve Healthcare Efficiency

The healthcare system is experiencing less funding and resources, which is why medical organizations must aim to streamline their processes and tasks whenever possible. Find out how to effectively improve healthcare efficiency.

Remove Duplicate Processes

Don’t waste both your employees and patients’ time with duplicate processes, which can slow down productivity and lead to patient frustration and dissatisfaction. For example, do you ask patients to fill in a form before they arrive, and then request for them to fill in another form once they attend your medical facility? If so, aim to find ways to combine the two processes – or remove duplicate information that can be found in both forms.

Create Custom Medical Labels

Patience safety and regulatory compliance is at the heart of every medical organization, which is why facilities should aim to utilize custom healthcare labels. The visual labels can allow staff to quickly and easily identify various medical treatments and protocols.

For instance, labels with different colors or borders will allow employees to distinguish various anesthesia drugs, as well as dosage amounts. You can also turn to to customize the products with a medical company’s name, address and specific employee instructions.

Automate Processes

While automating processes might seem expensive, they can save your organization a considerable amount of money in the long-term. Rather than requiring your administration staff to manually schedule appointments, you could request for patients to enter their information via a kiosk. You can also automate appointment reminders, rather than requiring a member of staff to telephone every patient. As a result, you will free up your employees’ time, so they can focus on improving other areas of your healthcare facility.

Outsource Healthcare Processes

Instead of attempting to perform every process internally, you should consider outsourcing processes, which can improve productivity and profitability. While there are certain services that cannot possibly be outsourced in healthcare, there are some areas that can be subcontracted, such as marketing, call center services, bookkeeping, and IT solutions.

Many healthcare organizations are often reluctant to outsource processes, but another organization could potentially improve your healthcare services. For example, a digital marketing company will have a thorough understanding of how to increase brand visibility and engagement, so they would be better suited to running a social media or content marketing campaign. What’s more, outsourcing will allow your employees to focus on what matters most: setting the standard in healthcare for patients.

Focus on Medical Prevention

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure – especially when it comes to running a healthcare organization. A proactive approach to community health can reduce the number of people experiencing preventable medical problems, such as heart disease, a stroke, diabetes and obesity. It is therefore wise to consider hosting prevention worktops to educate patients on the important of nutrition and exercise. You can hold a range of different workshops depending on your community’s needs, such as a smoking termination, diabetes, heart health, or a sports injury prevention workshop.

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