Impeding Your Staff By 0%

It’s important to understand that your staff are the main mechanism by which your entire firm values itself. If you’re willing and ready to be the best boss you are capable of being, it’s important to understand a few simple trick to help you to impede your staff by 0%. It’s ridiculous to think that some bosses make it in any way difficult for a staff member to conduct their role properly within the organization they are part of. This is the fastest way to high staff turnover, inefficient results, a bad atmosphere in your workplace and over time, gaining a reputation that prevents highly skilled workers from wanting to be part of your operation.

Here are some tips for impeding your staff by 0% in any capacity. This doesn’t mean never offering better ways to conduct work, being afraid to discipline your staff, or failing to flex the muscle of your role in any way at all. It simply means gifting your staff the tools, resources and training to do their work. Here’s how.

Enable Positive Customer Dialogue

Customers can be very testing. There is a saying that even those who aren’t involved in business know. It’s something that likely has permeated the annals of history with its prejudice. This saying is ‘the customer is always right.’ This unnerving phrase has done more damage to the confidence of staff members that might be appreciated. It’s important to know that with staff training, the willingness to show faith in the employees you have, and the ability to mediate tricky situations privately and publicly, the customer is not always right.

Allowing your staff to report or defer to higher-ups, exercise free will in support requirements, and have the ability to have the conversation or interaction recorded can help them feel more supported in their claims, even when dealing with a client who can’t handle return rejection, or accept a simple mistake. This doesn’t mean being hostile to customers but simply providing your customers with the tools to interact with them well. This can also mean ensuring they use the best POS system (otherwise known as a point of sale,) allowing them to forge connections in service-based businesses, and rewarding them for return customers can help with this positive engagement.

Open Door Policy

No matter what level of management you are at, it’s important to always steward an open door policy. This means that ensuring you keep a fine balance between your HR department and your own personal attendance to issues. Sometimes, your presence might not be the thing that is required, and this is especially true when a certain gender might approach a situation with more care (maternal issues etc.) Your open door policy should allow you to care for employee issues when appropriate, and also stay able to discipline staff that abuse this.


Staff need motivation. A lack of motivation is equal to negative motivation. This means ensuring you can reward your staff when needed, and show their progress to the firm when desired. This means ensuring employee of the month, employee of the year, and also tangible prizes for good work. This allows your working family to feel appreciated and open at all times.

With these tips, you can be sure to never impede your staff in the slightest.

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