How to Set Up a Web Design and Development Business of Your Own

Many web designers and developers grow tired of working for other people. Perhaps you spend your free time working on more interesting projects. You want to break away from being employed and have the ability to pick and choose the best clients for you. If you think you can set up your own business, you could make it a reality. It could be easier than you think to set up a web development business. With the right skills and experience, you can begin to offer your services independently. Eventually, you could grow your business and hire some staff. You might even want to team up with a partner who can help you diversify your services. Use these steps to set up a web design and development business of your own.

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Making Sure You Have the Skills

Before you can start your own business, you need to make sure you have the necessary experience. Of course, there are some things that you can pick up as you go along. You might not know much about the business aspect of it, but you can do your research to find out. The most important skills you need to have are your web design and development knowledge. If you haven’t built up a portfolio of work you can show off, you might not be ready to start your own business. It could be good practice to do a couple of projects on the side before you begin to run a business full-time.

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Getting the Funds for Your Business

Most companies need some capital to help them get a headstart. You can launch a company with little to no money, but it helps to have some capital to help you. You’ll be able to pay for any necessary equipment, marketing, and other startup costs. There are several ways you can seek funding for your business. Applying for a bank loan is one of the traditional ways to do it, for which you’ll need a business plan. However, it’s not the only way you can get the money you need. Many people seek investment from private investors or even from family and friends. Crowdfunding is a popular way of building funds, but it helps to have a unique idea people want to support.


Choosing Design or Development

One of the things you need to decide is whether you want to focus on web design or development. However, a lot of professionals decide that they don’t want to specialize. If you want to, you could cover design and development for both front-end and back-end programming. Many people want a service that covers everything. If you can’t do it all yourself, you can outsource part of it or get some other people on board with the business. You might be able to do both design and development, but it’s likely to have one particular skillset. However, you might find more success if you’re willing to branch out and work with someone else.

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Offer Services Website-building Sites Can’t

If you want to provide an attractive service, you have to do things site builders can’t. There are lots of easy to use website building tools that are ideal for many people’s needs. However, they can’t do a lot of the most complicated things that many businesses require. And they aren’t always the best option for anyone who wants their website to be entirely unique. You should be looking at doing things like sophisticated databases or complicated forms. You might offer graphic design as part of a package so that clients can have custom images. You need to offer a level of customization that a website building tool wouldn’t be able to provide.


Finding Your Audience

When you launch a web development business, you don’t want to cater to everyone. There are already thousands of services out there, so you need to find your niche. Think about whether there is one industry that you know particularly well. For example, some agencies provide websites for companies in the medical field. Others might specialize in building ecommerce websites or cater to the hospitality industry. It’s also important to consider where your services are needed. If the market is oversaturated, you’re going to struggle to get noticed. Do some market research to find out where your services can fit in and fill a gap. It’s important to know who your audience is and what they’re looking for.


Setting Prices

Setting your prices can be a difficult task. You might feel like you have to set them lower when you’re just starting out. Or you might choose higher prices to differentiate yourself and make sure you don’t price things too low. The best thing to do to start with is to look at how much other agencies are charging for similar services. When you think about how much to charge, consider all the work that goes into finishing a website. You need to think about the times when you’re working but not earning too. For example, looking for work is vital, but you won’t make anything while you’re looking.

Research not just what other agencies charge, but how they charge too. There might be some things you can price at a set rate. Perhaps you want to put together a package with clearly defined boundaries. But for many things you should set an hourly or daily rate. If you do want to create set prices, do it with an hourly rate in mind. Work out how long the project would take you and multiply the find the cost. Alternatively, you can quote a fixed amount on a case by case basis.

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Providing Other Services

Many web design and development agencies also branch out to offer other services. Diversifying your business can be a benefit to you in many ways. It helps you to bring in more clients and could give you assistance to get through rough times. Many web agencies also offer email marketing, content creation, SEO services, and more. You don’t have to hire new people to do each of these tasks. One of the options you have is using reseller services to do the jobs for you. For example, visit White Label SEO Review to discover some options for SEO resellers. You can make the services you use look like they belong to you by putting your logo and branding on them.


Building Your Own Website

Of course, if you want to sell web development services, you’re going to need a website. And if you want people to trust you, it needs to be a good one. No one will want you to build them a website if they don’t like the look and feel of yours. Before you start, you need to think about branding and the industry you’re targeting. Decide what you want your website to say about you and what you can do for your clients. You need to think about all the usual factors in building a successful website. Work on your SEO and make sure you include all the vital information visitors to your site need.


Marketing Your Business

Your marketing is likely to be largely based online. You are offering services related to the internet, after all. There are many methods you should research to decide the best way to market  your business. The first thing you might do is set up social media profiles that you can use as a word of mouth marketing channel. There are also paid advertising methods available on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You could also look into pay per click advertising with a program such as Google Adwords. There are a number of other possibilities to explore too. They include sponsored blog posts and private advertising.

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Finding Business Contacts

Networking is an essential skill and activity for you when you’re growing your business. Developing contacts and relationships can give you plenty of advantages. If you have other people to contact, you can work together on promotions and other projects. You can form partnerships and ask people you know for help. You should network both online and in person. Use social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. They will help you to find like-minded people and brands you can collaborate with. Look for networking events in your area too so you can meet people face to face.


Collecting Recommendations and Referrals

As you grow your business, make sure you encourage people to refer you and make recommendations. A lot of businesses give existing clients a referral code. So they can get money off or perhaps collect points for successful referrals. You can also get people to leave favorable reviews. They are particularly useful on Google where they will help your SEO rankings. Ask clients to provide testimonials you can use on the site too. You could possibly also get them to speak to potential future clients to describe their experience. Having your logo or name on the websites you build will help you to get referrals too.

The road to building your own web design and development business is a long one. It might take you a while to feel stable, but it’s worth it to have the freedom to choose your projects.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the advice, Carl. And you may find out that many of your clients are flexible on meeting times. If you can’t do something in person, you can take phone meetings over your lunch break or schedule a couple days a week to make client calls in the evening after work. Good luck with your business!

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