How to Find the Perfect Job

Whether you’re a recent graduate, an entrepreneur looking for steady, supplemental income or simply recently unemployed, the task of finding the perfect job seems far out of reach and the task of finding any job doesn’t seem much easier. You’ve most likely spent days, weeks or months scouring endless job sites, applying to endless positions either vaguely related or not-at-all related to what you want to do. Perhaps you’ve been to a few interviews too, but nothing’s stuck.


What’s going wrong? Why are you not finding any job that’s right for you or any employer who might hire you?

It’s a question that people often ask themselves when unemployed and faced with the mammoth task of tackling fierce competition for job vacancies. You’ve most likely found a fair few job vacancies that interested you, but you didn’t feel qualified, either in terms of experience in the industry, or your degree/lack thereof. However, sometimes a company isn’t looking simply for the things they’ve listed on the job opening.

Find a way to get yourself some sort of reference.

This is a piece of advice you’ve most likely heard countless times before and you’re tired of trying to explain that, in order, to get a job, you need experience; but, in order to get experience, somebody needs to actually hire you first. Of course, this is entirely true for the most part, but there are other ways to get references and use those to boost you up towards the industry in which you’ve always dreamed of working.

A great way to use referencing to your advantage before you’ve even had any ‘real experience’ is to use modern forms of networking. Use your social media contacts to your advantage and get on LinkedIn. This is a brilliant way to use contacts you’ve already made (friends made through university, for example) to gain some referrals and endorsements that employers might find interesting. Whilst many employers are interested in experience, others are also interested in your social standing and your personality. Fellow friends, people with whom you worked during your degree, or perhaps contacts from a volunteering opportunity/part-time job can all tell employers something about you as a person. This is a great resource, as it says more about you than mere words on a CV ever could.

Recruitment agencies can make things easier.

You might pour hours of your time into searching for jobs every day. Instead of depleting yourself and running out of motivation, as well as steam, perhaps it’s time you asked for help from people who do this for a living. Executive recruiters can help you by actually gauging your ability, combined with your personal interests and character traits, to find the best possible job opportunity for you. They know more about what you want than you do, so it might just be your lucky break. Plus, it might help your confidence to start allowing companies to come to you.

Make a direct impression.

You have so much to offer, whether you’re a recent graduate or not, because you’re driven and determined to do something in some area of the work industry. However, so are many other candidates. Your CV is lost in a sea of recent graduates with impressive qualifications, so it just isn’t enough to create the same ‘plain’ document. Of course, there’s always a chance it’ll get through, but, as you may have realized after months without success, the possibility of being noticed when faced against 50 candidates with near-identical CVs is slim-to-none.

The best way to make a mark is to do something unique. Perhaps you know somebody working within a certain company who can get your CV directly to the hirer in charge, but even if that isn’t the case, you can make a mark through intriguing techniques such as sending a handwritten letter, or simply ringing up the company. The internet has ruled out the necessity for phone calls, which is why you just might interest an employer by taking the initiative. It shows commitment and an added layer of interest in the job vacancy.

Luck plays a big part in finding a job, and at some point your luck is going to change. Until then, all you can do is keep trying as hard as possible to find that break or point of entry into the industry of your dreams. It’ll happen.

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