How to Design an Office for Maximum Employee Productivity


For a productive and dynamic office, it’s important to create the perfect space. You should design the place in which your employees will be working in an efficient way to get the best out of them. Office design can affect the atmosphere, employee’s mood and productivity.

In a small business, it is important to get the best out of the people that work for you to ensure a well-run company and to increase the revenue. Certain factors affect productivity and it’s important to get this right to increase performance. Here are the top tips to designing an office space for maximum employee productivity.

Improved lighting

Lighting is the key factor that impacts on an employee’s performance. A badly lit office will cause headaches, a strain on the eyes and fatigue, which in turn will lower productivity. An office too brightly lit will also cause headaches, it’s important to find a balance and incorporate a little artificial light as well as a little natural light.

Light adjusted to the correct level of brightness will help uplift the mood of your employees. A comparative study of Direct and Indirect Lighting systems shows that the more natural light an employee has, the better they will sleep at night. The better they sleep at night then the better their performance will be. It is not always possible to place everyone directly next to a window but try and position the desks in a way that gives employees as much natural light as possible.

Enhanced furniture


A well set up computer desk and office chair are essential for a comfortable workspace. Many of your employees will be sat at their computer desk for the majority of their day so if it is uncomfortable for their body, they will be distracted with moving too often, adjusting seating and stretching to ease the pain.

The correct way to sit at a desk for maximum comfort is feet flat on the floor, between 24 and 36 inches between the eyes and the computer screen and the computer screen at eye level. The office chair should be slightly reclined to take the pressure away from the spine; this reduces the chance of lower back pain. Make sure the keyboard and mouse can extend out all the way to the edge of the desk so that the employees can adjust it to where is comfortable for them.

This office desk set up will ensure a comfortable experience for your employee’s whilst at work, allowing them to feel content and relaxed, which will increase their productivity.

Effective color

Scientific studies have proven that colors affect our mood and productivity. This means it is important to decorate the office space using stimulating colors that can trigger creativeness and increase efficiency.

Red is known for being an intense color that prompts inspiration, it is also known for increasing blood flow and heart rate. If you’re looking to increase employee’s passion and spark creativity then you should go for red. Green and blue are known for being calming and improving focus. If you’re looking to uplift the mood of your employees and create a happier workspace, then these are the colors you should choose.

Yellow is recognized as a fresh and energetic color and can trigger innovation. Yellow is the perfect color of an office of designers and writers as it is energetic and creates optimism for fresh ideas. There is a whole psychology of colors in a workplace so study up on them before decoration to ensure you get the desired effect.

Your office space is where creativeness and innovation should come to life. Your employees need to feel comfortable, happy and relaxed in order to produce the best productiveness and efficiency. Make every Monday and happy Monday for your employees with these office design tips and you will see a difference in the atmosphere in your office.

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