Health is Wealth: Considerations For Your Healthcare Startup


Looking to genuinely help people while making a hefty profit? A business in the healthcare industry may well be for you. While it’s unique in the fact that there’s more risk and liability than other types of startups, it’s definitely something that can still be achieved providing you follow the correct steps. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you’re considering setting up a healthcare startup.

What Route Will You Go Down?

There are so many different avenues to go down when it comes to healthcare businesses, many of them you don’t even need medical training. You could sell herbal or home remedies, you could sell medical books, start a health blog, work as a massage therapist or even develop an app which helps patients monitor elements of their condition. While having a good knowledge and understanding in these areas is important to work in them, they’re something you can do without specific qualifications. If you’re looking to go bigger or already have experience of working in the healthcare industry you could set up a clinic, surgery or home care service. When you’re setting up your business, try to solve a problem that currently exists. For example, online pharmacies and doctors have carved out a nice niche and are something that can help people’s lives run much more smoothly. Perhaps they’re too busy or unwell to visit a doctor or getting to the pharmacy is difficult. If you’re able to solve a specific problem within the healthcare industry it can equate to big business.

Don’t Stop Learning

Healthcare is one of the fastest changing areas to work in, new advancements are being made all the time and things are constantly changing. To ensure your business stays up to date, you need to keep learning and evolving. Use customer reviews and constructive criticism to ensure you’re giving the best in patient care. Registering for the CG CAHPS Survey is something healthcare providers can do too, this is a standardized survey used to measure patients’ perceptions of care received. As well as making money, chances are you started a healthcare business to help people and so you need to ensure you’re doing what’s best for the people you treat.


Consider The Legal Side

There are enough legal considerations to bear in mind when starting any business, but when it comes to healthcare there are particular challenges. Even for the kinds of startups that don’t require you to have qualifications, you’re still going to need licenses, insurance and other permits. Depending on the type of company you’re planning to set up, you might also need to deal with  FDA concerns, HIPAA patient privacy rules and others to which need to be overcome. Speaking to a lawyer who specializes in medical businesses would be a good move. That way you can ensure you’re doing things by the book and don’t end up with hefty lawsuits or other issues.

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