Hacks For The Best Trade Show Stand Strategy

Trade shows are an incredible way to market your business to the wider public and experts within the industry that you are in. The benefits that come from exhibiting at trade shows can surpass the results of every other promotion methods – that’s how effective they can be.

When it comes to which stands have the edge, it’s always the larger and more eye-catching ones that make the most impact. If you are going to attend a trade show, one thing that you don’t want to do is blend into the crowd.

Some trade show booths are far more successful than others, but why is that? What makes one brand more successful at trade shows than others? According to the trade show experts, there are certain things that tend to make an exhibitor and their stand more successful. With that in mind, below is a list of some of the top trade show strategies for success.

An impeccable design

A plain stand is a boring stand, and a boring stand is unlikely to be a big success. That is why when it comes to the design of your exhibitor’s stand, it is important to ensure that you get it spot on. You want an exhibition stand design that is bold and eye-catching, as well as professional, which is why working with the experts, could be the answer. It might cost more than going DIY but if it means a better stand, it’s worth it.


Utilize social media

This may not be a hack for your stand per say, but it is a hack for ensuring that people visit your stand. When it comes to advertising the fact that you are in attendance at a trade show, social media can be a vital tool. Check in at the location of the trade show on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag for the event. To encourage people to come and visit your stand, market the competitions and incentives that you are offering on your stand. Everyone loves a freebie, so advertising that you are offering freebies at your stand is a great idea.


Have people networking in the crowd

As well as having people manning your stand, it is also worth bringing people along to network within the crowds. Send out three or four team members with clipboards to sign people up for a competition that you are running. The great thing about competitions is the fact that they allow you to get hold of people’s contact details, which means that you can easily grow your customer base.


Create an experience

Have you ever been to a trade show before? If you have, then you may have noticed how the stands that are always the most successful create an experience. What does this mean? Well, say you run a company that specializes in coding, having coding games for people to play on and try out can help you to create a more immersive experience. The key is to offer the people who visit your stand an experience – something that excites them.

There you have it, your guide to all of the best hacks for the best trade show stand strategy.

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