Get That Tech Job: How To Further Your Career

If you’re interested in technology and you possess tech related skills, then congratulations: you should be able to use those skills to get a job. These days there really isn’t anything that’s much more important in the world of work than knowing your way around a computer, whether you build websites or you’re comfortable using a content management system. If you’re looking for a tech job, here are a few tips that might help you find your dream position.


Get Networking

Let’s face it, networking can seem like an incredibly intimidating thing to do, but the fact is that for many jobs, it’s a necessity. A lot of the time, companies promote from within – so if you haven’t been networking then not only will you not get a job that’s ideal for you, but you might not even know that the vacancy exists in the first place. Go to events that are closely related to your subject of expertise and make sure that you talk to people there – companies want to hire people who are skilled but they also want to work with the sort of person that they can get along with easily. Prepare yourself with a ready smile, a few conversational questions, and a two sentence summary of your skill set, and you’ll be set.

Develop Your Skills

There is no world that moves more quickly than the world of technology, so it’s important to make sure that you don’t rest on your laurels or stop thinking about the next step in the game. No matter how good you are at programming, someone will always be better – so you need to keep learning so that you can do your best to catch up with them. Go to conferences, teach yourself new skills that you’ve seen online, ask people for guidance – whatever you do, just remember that the important thing is to keep getting better.

Prepare For That Interview

If you’ve managed to make it to interview stage, congratulations! The hard part is over – your CV and cover letter shone out from all the others, so now all you need is for your interview to do the same. Generally speaking, if you’ve been called for interview, your skills are suitable for the position – and now they’ll be seeing if you’re a good fit for their office. Make sure that you dress comfortably but smartly, that you make eye contact, that you’re aware of what exactly the job description says, that you look up IT interview questions online so you can practice your responses, and that you try to relax so that they see the best version of you.


Get Online

Finally, make sure that you use the internet to network. Social media means that networking has never been easier – make yourself a Twitter account and follow everyone who interests you. It’s never a good idea to spam people with questions, but you can definitely talk to people about what they’re tweeting. Just remember that a lot of employers will look for potential employees’ social media accounts, so keep it clean, and don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want a future boss to read.

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