Gallup Polls Reveal Social Impact of Sports Betting: Stake Big, Win Big and Rake In The Cash!

Own a Sports Betting Business

A recent Gallup survey indicates that with the beginning of football season, sports betting will increase.  If you’re looking to add another income stream to your business, owning sports betting site might be an option for you. Betting on football is not gender specific. Statistics shows that 1 in 4 American men and 1 in 8 American women are expected to engage in sport betting with the beginning of a new football season.  This translates into 79,500,000 men and 39,862,500 women will place a bet on football matches.

Wagering on football increases with each game day and peaks during the Super Bowl where the number of stakes being placed will increase ten-fold.  Many wagers will place their stakes based on gut feelings, loyalty to their team and some will rely on some highly complex systems.  However, wagers do not need anything complex, just the desire to win.


One of the more fascinating facts about online wagering is that the activity has taken over adult content online as the biggest money maker. Since 2013, online sports wagering has surpassed the revenue spent on the adult online industry. Most people have no idea as to the numbers. has been building and marketing casino/sports betting sites since 2003. The fact that anyone in the world can bet on any game all over the world, both college and professional, and when they lose the site owner collects 35% of the net loss is very exciting to people. People around the world are always looking for a valid revenue stream they can use to make money online from home.

If you want to take advantage of the high numbers of wagers, then there are many on-line sports betting options available, but you must examine how they differ.  For example, some turnkey sites take advantage of the number of bettors and receive a percentage of visits/bets/winnings.

Easy win with a trusted leader

The opportunity is clearly there. The numbers go up almost daily with every new major sporting event. New players are attracted to the activity and they love it. With increased sports betting, owners of a turnkey sports betting site are guaranteed a high income simply by marketing their website. is the only turnkey site that does not share in the revenues of its clients opting instead for a flat monthly fee.  Their servers are housed in the UK, making them legal for all players worldwide. Please visit the site or check them out on Facebook for more info. They provide the best earnings ratio for their clients. You can also read the latest reviews on Let the betting begin because when you’re the house and they bet big, you win big, too!

For more information on, you can also contact Jay Servidio at 866 408 8694 or Jay.

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