Forget Your Ego: Your Startup Needs Help

Your startup is unequivocally your baby, at least in the early days. You’ve put in the long hours, you know exactly what you want done (and how it should be done), and nobody knows your company like you do. And you might have a point – it’s your idea after all! But there’s a difference between an entrepreneur and a control freak, and you’ll be helping your company infinitely if you’re more of the former and less of the later. At some point early on, you’re going to have to bring onboard some extra hands. Face it. Your startup needs help.


Letting Go

If you’ve spent an uncountable amount of hours establishing everything about your business, it can be difficult to take a step back and assign work to a person who doesn’t know anything about your company and where you want to take it. You might even doubt how much they even care about the success of your company. They will care, but nowhere near as much as you will. But you’ll have to let that go, because you will not be able to grow your company without them. There are simply too many tasks to take care.

Roping in Friends and Family

In the very early stages, your best resource for extra help will be the people who you already know very well – your friends and family! There’ll be a lot of small, time consuming tasks that need to be taken care of. Offer them an incentive to help you (let’s say, a couple of beers) and get them involved. Having your loved ones around will also take some of the stress off!

Hiring Staff

Hiring staff will be one of the biggest decision you will make, because getting it wrong can be costly and damaging to your new venture. So the easiest thing to do is…not make the decision. Until you’re 100% sure that you need permanent staff, use temporary staff instead. View and you’ll have access to professional staff for the duration of time you need them. You’ll soon see how much productive your company can be when there are more hands on deck!

Being the Leader

When you bring some people on board, you’ll also be able to hone one of the attributes you’ll need if your startup is going to be a long term success – being a leader. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and you might have to spend some time establishing exactly what kind of boss you want to be, because being a bad boss can be disastrous for a workplace.

Outsourcing the Difficult Work

It doesn’t matter how much of a control freak you may be: you are not blessed with an infinite amount of skills. For some tasks, you should not delay outsourcing the work and bringing on board outsiders. Having tax experts and accountants as part of your team from day one can have benefits that can’t be measured, and will help ensure your business is running as smoothly – and also as legally – as possible.

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