Follow The Trend: Why The Food And Drink Industry Could Provide A Profitable Business Opportunity

When it comes to creating new business ideas, entrepreneurs can often find they have that light bulb moment when they least expect it. Eating in a restaurant, watching TV at home, in the shower. However, whether you have that idea or not, if it involves and industry such as food and drink, you may be slightly apprehensive about jumping straight into it. I can understand that. The sort of business opportunities within the food and drink industry can be so vast, and in many cases, can often require you to have expert knowledge or at least some experience. However, taking a gamble, or getting on board with someone who has the same vision and experience could be the right move to make to make this business opportunity a real possibility. There are a few food and drinks trends that many people are embracing at the moment, some of which could prove to be amazing profitable business opportunities. I thought I would share with you some of them.

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The Gin trend

Let’s be honest, the gin business is a thriving trend and business right now. More and more people are embracing this spirit, and drinking it like never before. Bars are now holding specific gin evenings, there are gin subscription boxes you can have posted through your door each month including botanicals and different accompaniments to create exciting drink combinations. It is certainly a business to consider and opening up a distillery yourself, or investing in one, could be a great business opportunity. You might, however, need to implement some business knowledge into it, and even include software for drinks productions. Things like the beverage erp software can ensure that you have a swift flow from production to distribution. For any drinks business, this sort of thing would be an important factor.

The food truck biz

The trend of eating on the go, with your hands, and enjoying full on flavour combinations in your mouth isn’t going away anytime soon. So much so, that people are now even considering this sort of food options for events like weddings, for example. So the food truck biz is big business, and could definitely be something to consider. The start up side of things can be relatively small. You need the truck, it needs the right equipment and relevant health and safety checks for food hygiene and such, and you need a target audience. The food needs to be fast, flavoursome and good, otherwise it just won’t work. Think Thai street food style, pizza, burgers, that sort of thing. Having a unique approach can help you stand out from the crowd and potentially even gain a following.

Bespoke cakes and baking

Finally, there is a huge rise in demand for bespoke cakes and baking options. More and more people are considering having more elaborate cakes for celebrations like birthdays, christenings, weddings and parties in general. So if you have flare for baking and cake decorating you could even consider starting this business venture from your own kitchen.

I hope that this as given you some food for thought when it comes to potential food and drink industry opportunities.  By the way, if you decide to do business in the food industry, a comfy kitchen will be needed. In this case, you can hire a kitchen installation service, like Arran Construction, for creating your perfect working place.

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