Five Tips for an Office Party

Office parties are often dreaded events but it is possible to get through them safely and without incident and it is even possible for them to be fun events if organised properly. Here are five tips to consider if you are planning a work party or planning to attend.

1) Moderate your alcohol intake

Work parties are full of awkward moments and plain boring ones, so the temptation can be to hit the booze hard to entertain yourself a bit and to perhaps get rid of some of your inhibitions. Loosening up with a drink is fine, but if you overdo it an office party is a prime place to make a fool out of yourself. Take your time with the complimentary wine or you could find yourself break-dancing at the feet of your manager and telling Keith from accounts how much you love him. Think before you drink.

2) Don’t suck up

Work parties are good opportunities to catch up with colleagues. It’s a good idea to do the rounds and speak to everyone if you can, but there is no need to suck up. Some people use an office party as an opportunity to fawn and simper over their corporate superiors, but this does not look good. Your colleagues will think you’re a bit pathetic and so might your boss, so leave it out.

3) Use a catering company

If you are in charge of the food for your office party then it is wise to use a professional catering company. Trying to cut costs and do it yourself or among the staff is a recipe for nothing more than dull snack food at best, food poisoning at worst. So for office catering try Buffets for Business, a company that regularly caters for the needs of businesses wanting to impress with good quality food.

4) Don’t kiss anyone

No matter how fit Janine from marketing might look when she’s put some extra makeup on, don’t kiss anyone at your work do. You will probably have ignored point 1) already and beer goggles might be adding to your desire to have a bit of a cuddle or a kiss under the mistletoe if it’s a Christmas bash – but just don’t. This goes for men and women, as this hardly ever ends well and can lead to some extremely awkward moments at work the next day.

5) Turn up the next day

Skiving the day after a work party because of a hangover is definitely bad form. Even if you sound ill when you call your boss, they will know exactly what’s wrong with you and will have no sympathy whatsoever. And neither will we as you’ve ignored point 1) again! Suck it up and go in – you will survive.

Sam Butterworth writes for Buffets4Business. Visit them for your corporate catering needs.

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  1. I agree that you should use a catering company. I think doing so is a great way to ensure people will like the food. People usually feel safer eating catered food, as well, because they feel there’s more chance sanitary procedures were used in its preparation.

  2. Having an office party can be a great break from work. I like your idea about hiring a catering company, that would make it a lot better. I agree, avoiding DIY food would probably be best.

  3. I agree that hiring a professional catering company is a wise option for an office party. Like you said, having the staff bring their own food to share can be underwhelming. However, for a bit of extra money, a catering service can provide your party with food that everyone will enjoy. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great advice for anyone who has an office party coming up. A catering company is always the way to go as if the food is good, people will always talk about that!

  5. Hiring A Catering Company is a good thing in a party.I think it is so important to have more options like this as it is the most healthy and nutritious way to treat your body! I think hiring a catering company is a great way to ensure people will like the food.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post!

    Julie M. Stowers
    Julie M. Stowers´s last blog post ..Join Us For a Very Special Valentine’s Dinner

  6. Catering will definitely take a lot of the stress out of the party planning process. And keeping things casual with coworkers will go a long way for your reputation. Thanks for sharing!

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