The Most Excellent Ways to Throw and Attend an Office Party and Still Have Respect (as Well as Your Job)

The office party is a dreaded thing, especially if you’re the one who has to throw it. People generally don’t like attending them because things can just all get a bit awkward. There’s always the question of whether you’re friends or colleagues, and then the distinct feeling that everyone would rather be anywhere else than the office that they have to be back at in 8 hours. It doesn’t have to be this way though! If you feel you have a great team who genuinely are friends and don’t detest everything about the place that they work, then who’s to say, it isn’t possible?!

1) Topics of conversation

While you are hosting an event, you are still at a party, try to have fun and not discuss work. There is nothing worse than not only having to be at work when you don’t want to be but also having to talk about work when you don’t want to. You might think that your workplace is different and everyone likes their job but it’s almost sure that they don’t want to be chatting about it at a party. Use this time to get to know the people you work with a bit better!


2) Make the place feel a bit different

If your team has to stay at the office (the cheapest way to throw an office party of course) Then at least try to do it up a bit so they can maybe forget where they are. Think about getting some LED Manufacturing or some fairy lights or even just throw a lot of candles about (electric, fire hazard and all). Make sure there-there is a good place to put the food and drink as well. You should probably get some catering in so they can make it look nice, however, if you’ve saving on the money at least make sure everything is on beautiful plates and there aren’t bits of cling film laying around by the homemade brownies.


3) Don’t get drunk

Have a drink at a work party is always a large question of judgment. Drinking too much is the bane of all office parties. Don’t let that be you! Especially if you are the one in charge, it just is not worth it for the embarrassment of it all. You could say things that you don’t mean to people that you have to see every single day – not the people you want the awkward relationship with. When you get there just have a glass of wine and make it last as long as possible. Maybe stretch to two if you can handle it.


4) The next day

The most important thing you can do at an office party, however, is show up to work the next day! Don’t be the one who ruins it for everyone else! Make sure that even if you did break the not getting drunk rules, you’re coming into the office the next day. Even if you have to drag yourself out of the car in the same clothes you were wearing that night, don’t be the reason that your colleagues never get a free drink again!

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