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While using WordPress, one of the most annoying things one comes across is when the hosting providers provide the host’s shared server plans and call it WordPress hosting. In this manner, they exploit the reputation of WordPress which is the world’s most renowned content management system.  However, the ultra-fast infrastructure and easily accessible SSL certificates, as well as backups of Hostinger, help to cut down the problem. The installation and the setup processes are streamlined to make easy for the not-so-experienced user to use.


Is Hostinger Easy To Use?

Hostinger tutorials have a wide range of scope of learning for inexperienced people who are using it for the first time. The tutorials have instructions ranging from tutorials for beginners which help new users how to start writing blogs on WordPress to tutorials for experienced users teaching them how to use the WordPress API or configure Docker. You can submit an online ticket and access the company’s knowledge base to find more information regarding the company.


  • The purpose of Hostinger is to find best and affordable domains. When you sign up for hosting plans which are annual Premium, you get one free domain name registration. Apart from this, other registrations are also available at affordable prices with Hostinger. If you go for domains which have extensions like .net and .com, you will have to pay around $10 every year, and if you go for extensions like .biz and .org, you will have to pay around $12 every year.
  • If you choose the two hosting services which are higher shared, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited parked domains and subdomains. This helps in building a strong portfolio of the properties of the web.
  • With the help of Hostinger’s control panel which is ultra-intuitive, you can easily transfer the domains that you have purchased already into a different new account.
  • With the help of the modern interface of Hostinger, you do not have to keep track of the different logins to update your billing information or register or renew a domain. Managing all the aspects of your domain subscriptions and hosting has become easy.
  • Large icons and enhanced organizations all through the portal are effective in directing the users to be relevant and authentic knowledgebase resources.
  • With the hosting plans, customers can have the facility of unlimited free email accounts. It has become easy for the site owners to access the different email features and webmail from the control panel. The different kinds of email functionalities are auto responding, email forwarding and many more. An interesting feature of the email facility provided by Hostinger is that all the emails which are sent to a customer’s domain can be forwarded, even if the email account does not exist.
  • The live chat agents of Hostinger are knowledgeable, reliable and also responsive, unlike other global size hosing teams. They provide 24/7 support.

Are The Rates Affordable?

Using Hostinger is extremely affordable. Moreover, an additional amount of $1.50 every month brings to you a wide range of extra facilities. The VPS pricing of Hostinger is around $5 less as compared to that of the competitors. The competitor companies may have more organized services, but the responsive team, control panel, and the SSD architecture of Hostinger at such low costs make it popular among the users.

Additional Information

While owning a website, controlling is a hosting account is a tiresome task. Different hosts provide different interfaces for the customers with whom they have to control the information related to billing and hosting subscriptions. The layouts, services, and access levels vary from company to company. Customers often do not know where to get the various works done. Hostinger’s management interface arranges the hosting services in an organized and accessible package. Hostinger services are also coupled with cPanel.

How Is It Better Than Others?

Hostinger provides the best services and is very reliable. If any company cannot serve up to the mark, the customers can request 5% of their hosting fee to be credited. The company doesn’t have any option for phone services. You will find a widget at the right side of the bottom corner of every page of the control panel which when expanded,  will lead you to the relevant articles from the extensive knowledge base and tutorial as per your requirement. You can also submit an online ticket or have a live chat session whenever you need.

Why Should You Choose Hostinger?

After going through the article, we come to know about several features about Hostinger which make it stand out as unique and different from others. It is easy to use. Rates are also lower as compared to other competitors. Also, their live chat agents are knowledgeable, reliable, helpful and easy to connect to. Try Here.

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