How To Earn Money By Broadcasting Live Video

Showcasing one’s artistry in front of the whole world is quite a feat. This particular accomplishment if aided by a regular income would actually boost the morale of the performer as well as others looking for such talents. Live video streaming applications have been a boon to such geniuses who previously used to depend on stage appearances for acclamation and fame. The onset of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram marked the dawn of a progressive society where sharing media information, news and even emotions became customary.

Fabricating ways to monetize live streaming are diverse and plentiful. Those being internet savvy would inspect every single way on how to stream a video for free or without making a payment. Of course, earning by broadcasting live video, being the most crucial, is widespread and can be used in different ways. Some websites use on-click advertisements through which a part of their revenue is earned so that the content remains free and unaffected.

Here are some ways by which one can make money by live streaming:

  • Pay-Per-View Live:

This is the way which allows the uploader to collect revenue from the number of views on a particular video and users catering to subscriptions. The most unequivocal way to earn from a live video is to charge viewers for it directly. Some platforms include payment gateways such as PayPal which only grants the viewer the permission to watch the video post making a payment. Subscription is a different forte altogether. Sites like Amazon and Netflix demand monthly subscriptions. This allows viewers to savor any flick for the whole month after making a payment through the subscription portal. Pay-Per-View live carries benefits such as high quality video streaming with an immediate returns policy. Basically the stream will be advertisement free. Curtailing traffic is detrimental on websites with payment options. Viewers would always go for free streaming websites but at the end of the day one is not going to profit from the number of viewers, but from the bunch of a devoted subscribed crowd.


  • Advertisements:

Propaganda, endorsements and commercials are pivotal in making quick and easy money through websites. These advertisements could appear anywhere on the screen of the user and takes off like a normal interrupted advertisement while playing the video. This can be labeled as one of the most primitive ways by which one can make money live streaming. This method is worthwhile for viewers since there is no payment to be done. The only strife would be watching an advertisement for a moment which would be a bit time consuming. However, this would require a mammoth sized audience since the payment per advertisement is nothing humongous. Also, a vast audience is mandatory to lure advertisement associations to buy spaces for commercials. Another pursuit which is favorable in the long run is procuring a sponsorship deal which would involve your bankroll.


  • Driving Traffic:

This is yet another way which includes mutual benefits for both the websites i.e the one which needs to be broadcasted and the one where the traffic is redirected to. Mostly traffic is diverted to websites which sell products and brands. It follows the norms of a general Search Engine Optimization which cooperates in collecting revenue by broadcasting videos. This is basically the most user friendly procedure in the assortment of dividends. Viewers don’t need to waste their time on advertisements and can get stoked to the video which that person was supposed to relish.


  • Crowdfunding:

Defined as one of the most ingenious ways of earning money through streaming live video this theory has been widely accepted in areas worldwide. Generally the crowd is asked to donate and contribute to the cause. Such crowdfunding objectives had been commenced by websites such as Kickstarter. In return the crowd becomes eligible to receive certain awards from the side of the website as a symbiotic process. Monthly donations are being taken from the viewing mob and in return there are bounties which include free subscription schemes or certain commodities handy for the viewer.

A broadcaster software is definitely required so that the portal can be accessed from any place with a certain amount of payment per month. Streamnow is one such broadcaster software allowing smooth and continuous live streaming without any hindrance. Subscription plan is enabled and premium videos can only be fancied post subscription. Users who are not enticed by the subscription plan can also seek assistance from the “Pay-Per-View” scheme. With safe and robust payment gateways, Streamnow is one such broadcaster software which acknowledges sharing benefits between the user and the business software provider.

In conclusion, these are the most relevant agendas by which one can make money live streaming. Again this is an abstract decision for you to make as to which procedure you would embrace in order to initiate a live video. The most lucrative and hassle-free technique is something everyone would anticipate. Using your imagination would probably unfasten your intellect and yield some other unique ways for money making.

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