Don’t Get Stuck in World Wide Web — Use It to Help Your Business Fly

The rise of the digital age, and the Internet it has induced, means that pretty much any business that is now not using the world wide web isn’t ‘up to scratch.’ By this it is meant that any business, no matter the size, that isn’t using the Internet is, one, not taking full advantage of the tools at their disposal and is therefore not capable of doing a perfect job, and two, not a business that is taking itself seriously as a main player in its market. Simply put, using the Internet, for a whole host of things, is pivotal for the success, and reputation, of a business.

social-media-world-wide-web-globe-mediaThe world wide web

Your first port of call when it comes to Internet usage is to create your own online reputation and place-mark your own online address: this means that you should create a website for your business. There are a plethora of small business website designer companies out there, including Sumy Designs, who strive to create the right website for each client. And this is what website design fundamentally boils down to: your website must be right for your business. For instance, if your business is, say, a funeral directors, then you are not going to want to transmit a jovial mood on your site or adorn it with bright colors. You’re going to want to give off a kind of neutral and professional feel in order to match the mournful traffic that has come your way.

And in order to attract Internet traffic, you need to undertake what is known as Internet marketing design. One of the first steps in doing so is optimizing your site’s search engine optimization (SEO); this is a very important step, and is one of the first things you should do once you have created your website because, simply, it makes it more visible. It makes it more visible because it directs those that are caught up in the busy Internet traffic to your site, even if they didn’t plan on heading there, as well as capturing the attention of those who are searching in your market online. When these potential customers search for keywords to do with your business, i.e. the products and services you offer, the theme of your business and any topics you deal with, on search engine sites such as Google, it is important that you pop-up instantly in their search. To do this, you should focus on incorporating long-tail keywords into the text written on your site. You should choose these words carefully — they should link to the products you offer and the type of business you are — and they should appear too frequently. Too many will decrease your SEO as it would be deemed as ‘keyword stuffing’ by search engines. Head over to for a far more detailed description on Internet marketing design and to see the next steps in the process of optimizing your website to its full potential. But as you continue, just remember that when it comes to marketing your site, it should always be a case of ‘quality over quantity’: If you stuff in too many keywords, for instance, it would not only be bad because it would considered by the higher Internet powers that you are trying to rank higher in searches, but forcing keywords into sentences where they just don’t fit will look silly, tacky and will be off-putting. Also, you should go avoid too much quantity when it comes to the pages that are available on your site: if you provide too many different pages it will be confusing for those that use it. You should stick to a few pages: Home, About, FAQ, Contact Details, Privacy/Terms and Site Map.
You should then do all you can to direct traffic to your website, and this done by setting up sites, pages and handles on other sites. Many companies still don’t know how to compete in the digital age, and you don’t have to be one of those companies if you take full advantage of social media platforms. You should optimise them all: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but it is advisable to give an extra focus and pay more attention to the one that you think best suits your company and ties in best with your website. For instance, if you feel that your company will profit best from showing potential customers what you offer in the form of photographs and videos, then you should give sites like Instagram extra preference because this is what people who use the site use it for. Or if you’d prefer to give accounts of your business through the traditional medium of writing, then Twitter would probably be the best option. On here, you can write as much as you like (although the posts are limited to 130 characters, but there is realistically no limit to the amount of posts you can, well post) but still retain an almost simple and approachable feel. On Facebook, although you have the option to write a bit more at a time, things just feel a bit more regimented. When promoting your products on social media, a golden rule that you should follow is to always direct your followers back to your site by providing the address of it — even if you are seeking to direct them to, say, a product found elsewhere on the Internet, you should first direct them to your site, where the other link can then be found.


Covering all of the aspects above will help you to get the best out of ever-changing world of the digital age and will stop you, three months down the line, from asking yourself ‘I’ve got a website, now what?’ Instead of finding yourself stuck when it comes to the world wide web, you could create an online reputation that draws traffic in and keeps it stuck there — like a big Internet spider who catches flies (potential customers). So, from here on out, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the Internet, and you will soon find you’re reaping the rewards for doing so.

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