Could You Run Your Business Remotely?

The internet has opened up the opportunity to run a successful business entirely online. This enables business owners to break away from the usual 9-5 hours by working your business remotely, away from the office environment. As long as you have adequate WiFi connection you can work from anywhere in the world. Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean running the business entirely by yourself, you will be able to connect with freelancers, who offer expert support from all corners of the globe.

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Working entirely from your website will also reduce costs associated with employing staff. You will avoid having to pay sick and holiday pay as well as recruitment expenditure. Of course you will have to pay your freelancers, but this will only be for the work completed.

There are pitfalls related to running a business from your laptop and this article aims to highlight ways to make this work option viable.

Singing and dancing website!

Before you take the plunge and leave the safety of an office behind you, it is essential to ensure your website is top notch and more than suitable for purpose. You may need to allocate money to spend in creating a website, but any investment you make will be returned tenfold.

Your whole business will be run from your website so having up to date software and excellent cyber security website is essential. In addition to your website you will also need an up to date and functioning properly laptop/tablet or PC. Opt for a spec that will cope with the demands of running a business and plenty of data storage is needed.

As most of your communication with customers, freelancers, suppliers and partners will be completed mostly on line ensure you have sufficient software that will enable Skype and conference calls to run smoothly.

Outsource to freelancers

There are many tasks related to running a business which naturally lend themselves to being outsourced. Outsourcing tasks will enable you to concentrate on generating more sales. Tasks that could be outsourced include paperwork which could be completed by a virtual PA, bookkeeping, accounts and social media management. You could also outsource to content creators for your website and SEO experts.

Although outsourcing eliminates a lot of he hassle associated with employing staff, you should still take care in choosing the right freelancer. Ask for references and look at previous work. It is also essential to ensure you communicate effectively with freelancers to ensure they know exactly what is expected of them. Check in time to time to check they are staying on track.


Excellent communication is essential for running a business remotely. This is one of the challenges faced when you leave an office environment. In an office it’s easy to touch base on a daily basis when they are there with you. When working remotely you need to factor time into your day to communicate with freelancers, customers and suppliers. You need to ensure that what you have communicated has been understood, which is easily done in a face to face situation in an office environment.

Ensure verbal instruction is always followed up in the written word. Whenever the opportunity arises touch base in person, this will ensure you stay in control and keep your finger on the pulse.   

As long as you put systems in place, working remotely offers a whole host of benefits.

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