Clogs in the Main Sewer Line: Important Information

As a homeowner, especially one who runs a home-based business, it’s important to understand your main sewer line. This line is responsible for transporting waste water from your home to the underground sewer mains. Besides that, you’ve probably not given much thought to it. However, when a problem occurs, chances are a homeowner is going to take notice. Clogs in a sewer line can result in raw sewage backing up into your drains, which can cause a significant amount of damage to the home. If the main sewer line has to be replaced, then professionals will have to remove it and then use pilot tube auger boring to put a new pipe in place. Utilizing the power of these tools will allow a professional to get this job done much faster.

Any homeowner that understands and also responds to the warning signs of their home, can help to prevent serious plumbing and sewer issues, and prevent the necessity of plumbing repair. Here’s how.

Listen to the House

A house gives signs that something is wrong. If a load of clothes is completed and the toilets begin to percolate, or there is water in the floor drain in the basement, this is one of the first telltale signs that a clog is present. A clog can occur in the primary sewer line, or even the secondary lines.

Search for Roots

The primary cause of sewer line clogs is tree roots, especially in homes that are older. In more recently built homes, clogs are typically the result of thick toilet paper, paper towels and feminine hygiene products. No matter the cause, being aware of and seeking assistance for these issues is essential.

Request Camera Inspections

When a problem is noticed, calling for plumbing repairs is essential. While a general cleanout may be beneficial, it may not be completely effective, which means other treatment methods will be necessary.  At this point, a camera inspection will likely be completed, where a camera is run through the pipe in order to locate the clog.

If a tree root is determined to be the culprit, then the plumbing professionals will be able to go to the exact location of the problem to replace the pipe that is damaged. This will prevent the entire main sewer line from having to be removed, saving homeowners a significant amount of money and fixing the issue in a much timelier manner.

The key to reducing the amount of money that a plumbing repair for the main sewer line costs, homeowners must first locate the issue before it becomes worse, which is exactly what a camera inspection can provide. This service is offered by any plumber and one that is extremely beneficial in finding main sewer line clogs.

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  1. Great piece! Instead of camera inspections you can also use devices like a videoscope that allows you to DIY and possibly save money

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