Why Is My Web Traffic Dropping?

As an entrepreneur, we all want our business to thrive and our voice to be heard loud and clear above the competitors. However, even if business is booming and sales are through the roof, you may sometimes notice an unwelcomed dip in the traffic reaching you website. There are several …

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Can You Be The Next Tech Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurial flare is something which can’t really be taught. It sits within us from a young age and forces us to make certain decisions regarding our education and career within our lifetime. However, if you do have that spark for business and an eye for detail, you might just be …

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Big Data: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Big data isn’t just the latest buzz word; it is something that is changing the business world as we know it by increasing insight and improving decision making for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As such, every entrepreneur needs to know a few things about big data if they …

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