Small Business Tips

Debt and Marriage: Some Things You Should Know

Should you or your soon-to-be-spouse get out of debt before you get married? It’s quite interesting the phrase “for richer or poorer” is part of most wedding vows, as it implies, rightly so, that your spouse’s financial situation is in fact, a critical aspect of any marriage. This is more …

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How to Ensure Employee Satisfaction at Work

Every business starts off as a simple idea. It is, however, people with expertise, knowledge, and creativity that take that idea and bring it to life. Finding good employees isn’t always an easy feat, and it’s likely that HR departments and managers around the world can testify to this. For …

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What to Know About Temporary Work Visas

There may be any number of reasons you’re researching temporary work visas to the U.S. If you live abroad, you may be coming to work and send money back to family, or maybe you have a unique business opportunity or offer of employment. Along with people who want to come …

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