Bulletproof Strategies To Impress Your Construction Firm Customers

As a construction or building firm owner, your company’s reputation will live and die by the service you give your customers. Sadly, there are far too many building businesses that leave their clients in the lurch, with unfinished projects, overcharging, and untimely working practices a common cause of complaint.

The good news is that with the right attitude and approach to customer service, you can actually help your firm stand out from the crowd. And whether you are creating large commercial buildings or just working on small renovation projects, the outcome will always be the same – a happy customer earns you money and gets you more business. With this in mind, here are some first class tips for giving your construction firm customers the perfect service, each and every project.


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Focus on a niche

First of all, while it can be tempting to try and appeal to anyone that needs a builder, you are far better off specializing in a particular area of construction. Taking on projects that you might not really understand is only going to end in two things: a disgruntled customer and a tarnished reputation. So, while developing a niche will almost certainly mean you will lose a particular type of client, it will also mean that you establish a reputation for expertise in a particular field, and won’t mean you end up burning a customer.

Accurate quotes

Nothing irritates a customer more than finding out that a project is going to go over budget. And make no mistake about it, they will blame you, regardless of whether or not it is your fault. Estimating with inaccuracy is one of the primary reasons of complaint from customers about the construction industry. Get it right, and you will avoid a lot of flak – and build an excellent reputation while you are at it.

High-quality materials

Using poor quality materials might help you save on costs, but it will be costly regarding your reputation. It is vital that you have a first class materials and equipment supplier who you trust to be reliable. That’s not to say that you should pay over the odds, of course. Whether you are looking for new and used quality steel pipe or need to hire some plant machinery, it’s important to get a good price that you can pass down to your customers. But the balance between high-quality materials and the price is one that you must strike if you want happy, long-term clients who will recommend you to friends and family.

Employee and contractor screening

Finally, the people you hire to represent your company will be interacting directly with your customers – which is something you need to think about before hiring them, whether they are employee or contractor. The simple fact is that you can’t afford to hire people who are unfriendly, gruff, or have an inability to relate to people – it will look bad for your business. Don’t forget, in many cases, people will be inviting you and your team into their homes, possibly for prolonged period. And given the nature of construction projects, there could be a lot of potential for flare-ups, criticism, and problems – your team has to be able to take those issues on the chin without biting back.

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  1. Hi Dequiana,

    Great article! You have captured the essence of what you need to stand out from the crowd. I particularly like the niche focus. Many contractors are willing to take on work that may not be completely in their wheelhouse just to bring the cash in and then make a mess of it, rather than focus on what they are good at. In time this is counter productive as their reputation suffers if they end up producing sloppy or bad work.

    You have only list 4 items but in truth they are the most important covering about 99.9% of any issues which may arise as a result of bad work.
    Thanks for a good informative article
    Dennis´s last blog post ..Kier Saves the UK £35 Million in one fell swoop

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