Bored At Work? You Shouldn’t Be

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post that enthuses about being your best and always giving it 110% (for one thing, that’s not mathematically possible). While you should always strive to do those things, a lack of them is not necessarily why you’re finding yourself bored at work.


What Are The Main Reasons For Boredom At Work?

The most common is also the most obvious; sometimes, jobs just aren’t that interesting. There’s only so many careers, be they from the ground up or post-education, that are going to be a wonderful and exciting thrill ride. No matter how you try to slice it, answering your 1,000th customer service call or inputting another field of data just isn’t that interesting.

If that’s not the issue and you’re bored at a job you once enjoyed, then there’s a few reasons that you might be struggling to keep yourself motivated.

  • You have been doing the same job for too long. Many careers, such as nursing, offer relatively little in terms of regular changes. This can make even the most challenging of vocations seem mundane.
  • You’re doing a job that’s beneath your intellect, thus you’re able to complete the job but struggle with your mind wandering. This is particularly true for a lot of IT jobs, which often require an ability with tech that is rarely tested beyond the same few computer glitches at your company.
  • You have mentally “checked out” from the job and don’t much care anymore.


What’s Wrong With Being Bored At Work?

A natural thing to wonder, given the former assertion that the vast majority of people will find themselves bored through no fault of their own. Some people genuinely don’t mind being bored; they work to live, and seek their excitement and fulfillment elsewhere in their life.

However, if you’re reading this, the chances are that you don’t fit into that category. That’s when boredom becomes problematic, especially if you feel that nothing is changing or you are not being stretched enough in your current role.


What Are The Practical Solutions?

Sometimes, the most obvious solution is the best one; change your job. That doesn’t mean you have to move entirely out of the industry you have already worked in and perhaps have existing qualifications for, but it does mean that you should seek to enhance it. For nurses, OLOL College Online could help upgrade your qualification to a degree-level study. For IT specialists, you could consider learning the practical side of computer building and perhaps even qualifying in repair.

These are just examples, but they all show how you could extend on your prior knowledge and change your working situation – no matter what occupation you’re in.


What If You Don’t Want Further Qualifications?

That’s understandable; it takes a lot of effort and determination to juggle a career alongside further qualifications.

You have two options if this applies to you:

  1. Speak to your boss regarding taking on extra duties, which can help you feel more challenged in your existing role.
  2. Look for another role that is going to be more to your liking.

In essence, the truth is that you don’t have to tolerate being bored at work unless you are comfortable with that. You always have options. Think of how much time you will spend in your life working in a job that bores you – it’s a lot of time wasted, so why not expand your horizons and see what else could be out there for you?

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