The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising

When you’re promoting a product or business, you need to find the quickest way to get attention. One marketing technique you could try is pay per click advertising. This method is excellent if you’re on a budget. You only pay for the amount of clicks your advert gets. If you get no visitors to your website, you won’t have to pay a thing. However, if the campaign is a success, the new business you receive could pay for the campaign itself.

pay-per-click-advertisingWhat is (PPC) Pay Per Click?

This type of advert is popular as it is super easy to set up and can be quite cheap if you identify high converting keywords that your competition is not bidding on. If you are using a search engine, you might see the PPC ads at the top and bottom of the organic listing results. Often, these adverts come under the header ‘Ads.’ When company owners need to get their message out there in a hurry, they have to appear in relevant searches. This is when they choose to invest in pay per click advertising; they can make sure they are always visible.

Why should you use it?

The main reason you should use this form of marketing is because it happens to be quite useful and a fast guarantee of a first page position if you have enough to bid for your chosen keywords. These campaigns are simple to setup, but if you are struggling or don’t have the time there are plenty PPC management services to help you get started. This could be just what you need to boost your sales and profits. When you set up a pay per click advertising campaign, you will see that you attract more customers than ever. Before you know it, you will start to reap the benefits of this style of auction promotion. As we mentioned before, this advertising campaign is one of the least expensive you can use for targeted traffic in a short space of time, if managed properly.

How does it work?

When you search for keywords online, you get SERP (search engine results page). These are the organic listings. Because people rarely read past the first page of results, you need to make sure your advert pops up at the top when someone searches one of your keywords. To ensure that your advert appears as high as possible, you will need to take part in the Ad Auction. As the name suggests, this auction is where you bid against other advertisers. In order to get a top spot, you’ll have to outbid the competition. First, you have to choose your keywords.

How to choose keywords?

Choosing your keywords is one of the most important parts of the campaign. A great tool for this task is Google’s keyword planner. You need to make sure the words are as niche as possible. Remember, you are competing with many other sites. The more specific you can make your terms, the better it will be. Pay per click advertising is not all that difficult when you know how to do it. You should ensure that the words your use apply to your site in a direct way. Rather than using a broad term, use a word that cuts down the marketplace. For example, if you specialize in training a certain type of dog, bid on “pit bull training” versus “dog training.” Also avoid common words, such as cheap, budget and affordable. That way, you will not have to compete with a massive pool of other sites.

Now that you know how to master your next campaign, it’s time to get started. We’re sure that your pay per click advertising campaign will be a huge hit.

Paul is the content writer at WebsitePromoter, a site that helps small online businesses learn how to grow their presence on the internet with SEO and Pay Per Click.

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