Dequiana Jackson

Dequiana Jackson, CEO of Inspired Marketing, Inc., is a small business marketing coach who shows women entrepreneurs how to use solid marketing strategies to turn their life’s passion into a profitable, service-based business. Dequiana is the author of Know Your Business: How to Attract Ideal Clients & Sell More and runs the award-winning blog,

Royal Blind New Services

Two new services in the West of Scotland for blind and partially sighted were opened in October. Royal Blind, Scotland’s biggest vision impairment charity had constructed Jenney’s well, a 54-bedroom specialist residential care home for visually impaired older people in Hawkhead Road, Paisley. Scottish War Blinded, their sister charity, has …

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The Main Points of a Solid Business

A business should be built on the foundation blocks of greatness. Each businesses foundation blocks are unique in a certain way, but they should all loosley be based around the same things. When you first start a business, you’ll often feel like your mind is running around like a headless …

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Test, Unrest, and Invest: Tips for New Startups

Every day, new startups are born. These companies can range from the disruptive, looking to topple the status-quo and announce themselves as the behemoths of their industry, or they are the strange, the quirky that fill a niche but won’t necessarily change the world. And then, there are the bandwagoners. …

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Why Head Hunting Is Essential

Recruitment is a huge part of corporate life, and there’s no more famous example of it than head hunting. Head hunting is an old term that a lot of people don’t really know. So there’s people out there that go around hunting heads? Well, to make a long story short, …

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Workplace Injuries: A Big Issue

Throughout 2017, 137 workers were killed in a workplace accident. Whilst the number is still worryingly high, when comparing this year’s figures with 2006/07 when there were 247 deaths in the workplace, it is clear that health and safety is slowly, but surely, improving. However, more commonly, employers are having …

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