Amazon Business Marketing Course Review for Entrepreneurs: Your Inside Guide

Amazon has been one of the most prominent online shopping websites in the world. With the wide variety of products, you can purchase from Amazon, you can easily find what you’re looking for online! From arts and crafts, apparels, software and pet supplies, Amazon has got you covered. This website can be considered as your one-stop shop for all of your personal and home needs. But Amazon isn’t only beneficial for individuals who are looking for a convenient way to shop; Amazon can also be helpful for different types of businesses.

You can actually sign up for an Amazon Business account. With this account, you’ll be able to enjoy purchasing solutions fit for your business, multi-user accounts where you can add or remove users who can access your account and provide your customers with business Prime Shipping. Yes, your business will be operating just like Amazon under the Amazon Business account. But after you’ve been setup for this account, do you know how to market your business? Let the information below help you out:

  1. Make your products more competitive: The product you’re selling can make or break your success while using the Amazon Business account. If you’re selling a product which is already available from other sellers, you’ll have a hard time penetrating the market. The same is especially true when you’re competing with sellers who have been in the industry for years. As much as possible, sell products which only have a few sellers and add your personal touch in selling it. All of your marketing efforts to sell should be unique so your products can also stand out.


  1. Work with influencers: There are a lot of influencers on the World Wide Web. Regardless of the product you’re selling, you can find an influencer who is also working in the same niche or industry. Instead of looking at them as your tough competitors, tap for their help to market your products. If you’re selling diet supplements, ask help from influencers who are writing blogs about health and fitness or weight loss. If you’re selling apparels for both men and women, look for influencers who are consistently blogging about fashion tips and OOTDs.


  1. Get reviews: Reviews work as personal recommendations done in the online world. When customers vouch for the services and products you offer, many online users will be enticed to also do business with you. Trust is an important factor in business – and when users see positive reviews on your Amazon Business account, it shows how you can be trusted.


  • If you have customers who were satisfied with your offerings, ask them to write a review for your business. The more reviews your Amazon Business account has, the better.


  • This is also the reason why as a business, you should always strive to provide excellent services and products to your customers. If customers are happy with what they’re getting for their money, you can be assured that they’ll only speak of good things about your business – regardless if it’s done through online reviews or personal recommendations.


  • Reviews play a vital role in your business’ success. It can help you create a unique brand and improve your visibility. If you want your reviews to create a network of loyal customers, consider using org – Network Marketing as your reference. You’ll gain a lot of information on how you can effectively market your products to a certain network.


  • On the other side of the coin, if there are customers who write negative reviews or comments about your business, address all of these professionally. Apologize when needed and assure them that their next experience with your business will be better than the last. This kind of transparency can also attract users to do business with you.


  1. Improve your SEO: Search Engine Optimization is crucial for every business – and using an Amazon Business account is no exemption. If your product listings are optimized for search engines, you’ll have better chances of ranking high in the search engine results pages. Once your business is seen in the first pages of the SERP, it’ll be easier for users (aka potential customers) to know about your existence and include you in their options.


  • Your product title only has 500 characters so make sure that you put all of these in good use. As per Amazon, it’s better if you include the brand, description, material and product line in your product title. Not only will this improve your SEO but this can also help set the expectations of users.


  • There are also some tools provided by Amazon which can make this process easier and faster for you. Amazon Keyword Tool, for example, enables you to include all the possible keywords related to your product so everything that you’re selling can be visible in the online market once users search for it.
  1. Discounts, discounts, and discounts: Offering discounts to online users is always an effective technique especially if you’re still starting to make a name in the business arena. Aside from converting users to buyers, discounts can also help in building lasting relationships with your customers which in the long run, can foster brand loyalty.


  • When you offer special deals and discounts for your products, your business can land in the #1 spot of a product category. Your products can also appear in Amazon’s homepage under the “Hot Deals” category. This kind of exposure can generate a lot of traffic for your business.


  • Once you offer discounts in your Amazon Business account, every other product in your page will also be visible to a wider audience. When users know about your business, they will click on your page and view other products as well. As a result, you’ll have better chances of earning a sale, even for your full-priced products.


  • Discounts are also a great way of rewarding loyal customers. If you’ve been using Amazon Business for months and a handful of customers have consistently patronized your products, give discounts which are specially made for them. This is one way of appreciating their loyalty while enticing other users to build professional relationships with your business.

Marketing Is Key

Regardless of the medium you’re going to use in order to sell your products, if no one knows about it, you can never attain the results that you’re expecting. In fact, you’ll end up wasting your time and resources. If you think an Amazon Business account can help you, go ahead and sign up for one. Just make sure that you’re also exerting effort in marketing your business once it uses this platform to sell products and engage with customers. Amazon might already be a household name, but you should also work hard in order for your business to thrive and grow over time.

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