Advertising Can Be So Much More Than Posters and Leaflets!

Advertising can be difficult to get right. Think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that large-scale companies pour into their advertising campaigns and sometimes even they can go terribly wrong (just think of the notorious recent Kendall Jenner Pepsi campaign that had to be pulled pretty swiftly). With the rising cost of television and radio ads, it can often be difficult for small businesses to get a look in when it comes to publicly flaunting their wares and services. But believe it or not, advertising can be so much more than just posters and leaflets for those working on a budget! Here are a few lower cost ways to advertise your goods and draw attention to your brand!

Social Media

Let’s start with Social Media Marketing. Social media is now one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Just think about it: the majority of people with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone have social media profiles set up. More than one billion people are currently active on Facebook. More than one hundred million people use Instagram at least once a month. Twitter has around three hundred and thirty million users active each month. This means that all of these people are directing their attention to these platforms on a regular basis. By creating profiles for your company or blog page, you will be placing your web page directly in the eye-line of all of these people! It’s a good idea to use a specialist service to curate a perfect campaign for you to share on these sites.


Let’s take just a moment to consider how far your vehicle travels over the course of a week. Now think of all the people you pass by: other drivers, pedestrians, individuals looking out of their windows, store windows, bar and restaurant windows. The number is likely to be pretty large. So why not use all of this exposure for a little low-cost advertising? Your vehicle can easily be kitted out with your company logo or brand name. Your car will become a sort of moving billboard in its own right. After the initial layout, there’s no further cost and the chance for unlimited subtle advertising too!


As you’ve probably gathered from our section on social media marketing, aesthetics count for a lot these days. Most of the time, when people want to buy something, they’ll look for the option that best suits their personal aesthetic. They’ve curated a style and want products that fit into it seamlessly. From clothing to homeware, vehicles, and more. If you want to curate your products in a style-savvy light, it’s time to start using a shockingly underused resource: Pinterest. Pinterest is a pinboard site where people can browse pretty much anything, creating style boards and mood boards of their own. But for business owners, it becomes much more than that. It becomes a means of exposure. Upload stylised images of your products. You can then include links to pages where your product is for sale. The better your images, the more they will be pinned and the more exposure your items will get. This will hopefully lead to increased traffic being brought to your website and increased sales. Perfect!

So, there you have it. These are by no means all of the options available to you, but they’re a good place to start. So, get creative and try them out!

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