A Real Base Of Operations: What Does It Really Take To Set Up A Business Empire From Your Home?

As far as the notion of business success is concerned, we hear a lot about those self-made entrepreneurs, when they started out their business with nothing but a wing and a prayer. Steve Jobs famously set up the early Apple prototypes from his garage, and now, with more and more entrepreneurs setting up from the comfort of their home, no doubt you’re thinking you can do the same. But while there are so many eBay entrepreneurs, and those people who set up a side hustle to get them some extra income by knitting and sewing, if you want to set up a company that goes the distance, but your only option is to start your business empire from home, and completely avoid getting a physical office space or a store, is it actually feasible? Let’s have a look at what it really takes.


One of the biggest misconceptions about working at home, especially from those that have to endure a lengthy commute, is that working from home would be the ideal scenario for every single one of us. And when you look at it objectively- the minimal commute, not to mention for the dress code being completely your choice, it is very enticing indeed! But when push comes to shove, and you are bound by deadlines, you realize working from home requires a lot of focus. This is especially true if you have children, housemates, or a multitude of distractions. For example, you are knee-deep in a project, and you’ve got such a strict deadline, or you need to send an email off to an important client, but then the doorbell goes, and you’ve got the mail carrier asking you if you can take a parcel for next door, this is equally distracting and infuriating! And before you know it, you’ve taken one parcel begrudgingly, and you end up doing this on a regular basis every day of the week. Before you know it, this has eaten into your productivity and has distracted you immensely from the task at hand.

This is one small example, and when you’re living in the place that you work, you have to give weight to the fact that there are things that will distract you. This is where a big shot of focus and an inability to be easily distracted is essential. Finding your rhythm in an environment where you can very easily wander into the living room and put the television on for 5 minutes is very difficult. Sure, there are plenty of home comforts around you, but working from home means you’ve got to treat your home as an office, and not the other way around. A lot of people feel that they can work better when they set themselves deadlines, and aren’t easily distracted by the coffee machine, the television, or what the neighbors are doing outside. It’s difficult, to begin with, but it can be accomplished.

The Technological Implications

Technology is one of those things that can be a godsend when you’re at home because you don’t have to share the network with other employees, but the connection you have could be limiting. It depends on your line of work. For example, if you are a person that works with imagery, footage, and content that takes up a lot of data to process, a standard home internet package may not do the trick. And what if you need to work on multiple devices at the same time? Is your network able to cope with it? When it comes to productivity and being in the flow, the technology could be the one thing that lets us down. So instead, it is essential to look for a supplier that lends itself well to your working setup. Suppliers like Optimum Internet don’t just provide speedy packages, but if you pick the right supplier that provides you with a phone line, as well as the capacity to stream quickly, your work will come along that much quicker. When we work in an office environment, and there’s a technological issue, it’s frustrating, but when we’re at home, not only is it frustrating, it’s anxiety-inducing as we’ve also got that one extra thing to fix. If you have a Skype meeting scheduled with a client, and your internet goes down, what are you going to do? Of course, you can send an email from your smartphone to apologize, but is this going to do you considerable harm? It’s much better for you to ensure that your technology is as smooth as silk.

That Air Of Professionalism

When we are building up an empire from the comfort of our own home, we can very easily fall into the trappings of a home setup. Not in terms of distractions, but the working setup we have could be so lackadaisical that we can lose our edge. You may have your working setup and productivity completely fixed, but working at home could still put you at a disadvantage, especially when you are trying to put forward that air of professionalism. The trick to putting this air of professionalism across, even though you work in a residential setting, is to make sure those little things that your clients and customers can see that provides an overall image of a professional business and not one that is operated out of a home.

While there are so many businesses that operate from home now, the automatic perception of these sort of companies is that they are cheap and tatty, not professional, and when we think about what professional businesses entail, it is all of those little indentations that add up to a comprehensive approach that customers and clients can rely on. You can do this in many ways. But, arguably one of the simplest ways to do it is to embrace the virtual office setup. This is where you can pay a company to handle your business dealings, for example, the frontline phone calls, or written correspondence.

There are so many virtual offices that can take your mail for you, via a professional looking address, and send it on to you. This way, you are getting the correspondence, but this one little thing, the address, looks professional, because it’s an address in a busy city center. The same goes for an email address. Anybody can put an email address with a business name on it, but if it ends in @yahoo.com, does this really put across that you are a professional company? it is all these little things that we have to give consideration to, not just so we are looking professional, but word carries that we look, and feel, as good as the best businesses out there.

So, working from home, and setting up a business that is aiming for the stars can be done. After all, there are so many examples of people who started out at home but when the time came, and their business was mature enough to move to an office, or a factory, it became a natural part of the upscaling process. But to set up a business from home that will go the distance, you have to give consideration to whether it’s physically possible where you are, but also if you have what it takes to thrive within a home environment. It’s harder than you think, not just because of the fact that you need to keep yourself motivated, or you need to ensure that you have the right tech to support your working day, but when we see that so many startup companies fall flat before they’ve been given the opportunity to prove their potential, we can learn from the people who have worked at home forever, slowly chipping away at some form of business, but never managed to get past the first hurdle. These people end up using their business as a side hustle, or as we’ve seen with those eBay entrepreneurs, the profit is relatively small fry. To make a success of yourself in the business world, but still work within your home environment, making sure that you have an appropriate work ethic, but know what it takes to set up a successful business in spite of the fact that you’re working from home with a multitude of distractions, is the key to making it work. After all, your home is just a base of operations!

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