A Foolproof Guide To Keeping Employees Happy

If your business is the heart of your endeavors, then your employees are the blood that you circulate. Sure, you could go on without them, but there wouldn’t be much point. Most business owners put a lot of time, effort, and focus into making sure they hire the right employees, acknowledging the impact that the right people around you can make.

When you have a staff that you are proud of and enjoy working with, it naturally follows that you should concern yourself with keeping them as happy as possible. While few companies would go so far as to extend to the Google method of keeping everyone constantly entertained, most business owners acknowledge that employee happiness should be at the forefront of their mind.

This isn’t necessarily because of pure altruism and wanting the best for your fellow person, though it’s nice if that’s a driving force for you as well. The main reason keeping employees happy should be a focused area for you is that happy employees tend to be better, more productive employees – so focusing on their happiness is a step closer to a more efficient business.


  1. Understand The Importance Of Breaks


The idea of pushing workers’ noses to the grindstone to try and get the most out of them is outdated. We now have a good idea of the science behind productivity, and it all points towards frequent breaks being an essential. The idea of not working to be better at work might sound counterintuitive, but study after study has backed it up.


  1. Look After Essential Needs

All employees should feel that their essential, basic needs are taken care of when they come to work. For a start, that means that the office should be the right temperature, and there are clean bathroom facilities on site.

It goes further than that, though. A kitchen area is needed for any office, ideally with a few appliances so people can heat and chill food and clean dishes. Have a simple rule that if a worker makes something dirty by using it, they’re the one to fix it. Regular maintenance is important too; if the microwave starts playing up, get in touch with the manufacturer. If the dishwasher isn’t doing its job, get onto Norris Spares and do what has to be done to make it work. Keep the work surfaces in good condition, regularly cleaned, and bring in a cleaning service once a week for a deep clean.

These – a kitchen, the right temperature – might sound like little things, but they will make a big difference to how happy your employees feel at work.


  1. Clear Communication


Nothing will impact the morale of your workforce like poor communication. People like to know where they stand; they want to know what they are meant to do, and then get feedback on their performance. Anything less and you risk your workforce feeling uncomfortable in the job, never sure if they are achieving what they should be. Make your requirements and expectations clear throughout the working environment. Not only is it more efficient, but it’ll keep smiles on employees’ faces, too.

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