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Own a Business? Help Save the Planet.

The environment is being damaged by human activity, particularly manufacturing and corporate activity. The sheer extent to which human can be blamed for this can be debated, as can the immediacy of the danger the effects will have on us. But human-produced environmental damage is occurring, and it’s up to …

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How to Start a Small Cafe Business

IMAGE SOURCE: PEXELS.COM A lot of entrepreneurs dream about starting a cafe business. It seems like an easy business to found and run and it can be rather lucrative. Cafes also tend to become a part of the community they are based in and that’s something that can motivate more …

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Is Your Small Business Ready for Account Automation?

Most small business owners think of outsourced accounting services as something that only big businesses use. After all, you only have a handful of employees and accounts at this point. Why not invest in accounting software and spare the expense of farming out routine bookkeeping matters that you can get the spouse …

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