6 Technologies Used to Enhance Conferences and Meetings

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Meetings can be a collection of thought to improve a situation, or a promotion of content that needs to be delivered to the masses. Technology has advanced our culture to disregard the days-of-old where the speakerphone sat in the center of the table for all to hear. Mobile apps, technologies, and improved communications have broadened our world above and beyond what we could do prior to the year 2000.

1. Table-side – For large organizations, video conferencing over the Internet is quite easy to accomplish. Broadband Internet bandwidths allow for streaming video to be displayed from one location to another displayed on an LCD television or monitor.

2. Mobility – As smartphone and tablet technologies advance, so does the ability to conduct visual meetings from those devices. Using an app installed on a smartphone or tablet, the meeting app uses the built-in camera of your mobile device to broadcast your likeness to other devices for visual conferencing.

3. Social Engagement – Technologies and applications can assist in creating an interactive meeting with those who attend such for social media websites. Technologies provided by titles such as SocialPoint can link your physical presence at a conference or expo to your Facebook profile and promote a brand, cause, or event instantly.

4. NFC – Near Field Communication is where devices can communicate with each other while being close together. This allows for electronic payments, documentation distribution, business card exchange, and more depending on the style of meeting you are attending. Mobile devices supporting NFC capabilities can condense your old brief-case to something that fits in your pocket.

5. Promote – One of the most effective technologies for promoting your public meeting is through the use of YouTube. Millions of visitors search through relevant content every day on YouTube turning these visitors into potential attendees at your meeting.

6. WiFi – As more and more devices with WiFi capabilities find their way into the hands of consumers, free WiFi hotspots are common place for interactivity. Any meeting location, be it private or public, should have a WiFi access point for staff, visitors, or presenters.

As opposed to the days of old where meetings could involve individuals handing out printed content, technology has provided us the means for distribution with a touch of a finger. Whether it is technology for a private business, or an elaborate meeting at an expo, various technologies give us a method of improved efficiency.

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