5 Solid Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Temp Staff

When a business begins to blossom, and expand into hiring new staff, the focus is usually on permanent employees who bring something to the company on a long-term basis. Permanent contracts often lure in good talent and staff retention is higher with people on those. The thing is, most companies don’t see the value in temporary workers, despite how often their praises have been sung. Companies that look for staff with very specific, very niche skillsets are often left disappointed because finding people for their exact needs is like needle in a haystack. Recruitment companies and agencies that specialize in certain staff can be used, of course, but recruitment and hiring is often a very pricey task. Not only do you have to pay out for the advertising of a new position, but for the man-hours spent sifting through applications and interviewing people. If you don’t find the person you are looking for this way, you have to start again and spend more time and more money doing it.

So, avoiding this process all over again is crucial for your success as a business. Hiring staff is a hard enough job, but finding the right permanent staff is even harder. Opening your eyes to temporary and contract workers can change the way you do business. You may not have considered hiring temp staff before, and if that’s the case it’s time to do so. Your immediate needs can be met and if the temp staff member you employ works out, you can then hire them into a permanent role and build on the work they’ve already started for you. There are many types of temporary contract work out there in the world, and you can find an example of that by looking at where people apply for jobs here for maternity coverage. If you still need some gentle persuasion to look into temp workers coming on board with your company, we’ve put together five solid reasons a temp member of staff could really work for your organisation.



One of the biggest benefits of hiring temp staff is the flexibility that it offers. When you use a recruitment agency to work on your behalf, you also don’t have to do any of the searching for the applicant. That time is taken off your hands and done for you, making life so much simpler in the long run when you have other business considerations to think of. Workforces always fluctuate naturally in the course of business, and a pipeline of talent ready and waiting to help you pick up the slack can make a huge difference to your company. If you happen to need someone at short notice, a temp agency usually can have you covered. If you need to extend a contract for a temp, that is easily done, as is cancelling the contract when you are finished. Being able to adapt your staff as you need is important, and the flexibility that contract staff can provide in an unstable economy is vital for the continuance of your business.


Temporary workers are often uniquely skilled, bringing a level of expertise that means they can hit the ground running with their job without much in the way of training. Temporary workers can give the bottom line of your company an instant boost, but while they’re doing that they are also bringing a certain level of support to your company you couldn’t have anticipated. The fresh eyes to your business can also be a blessing, as a temporary worker can often pick up issues that your regular staff would not. This fresh perspective can be invaluable to your company and mean that you can change the way you do certain processes. The relief that a temporary member of staff can give your permanent workforce can be immense, especially if you are gaining traction in your industry and growing at a rapid pace. Your current workforce may not be able to handle the expertise required for a specific task and a temporary worker can come in and release that burden as you need.

Future Staff

As mentioned earlier, your experience with a member of temp staff can influence your later need to fill a more permanent role. You could easily think back to the member of staff that stood out as a temp, and you can offer them a contract that is permanent for your company. Engaging temporary workers to fix a temporary issue, can lead to you discovering a new talent that your company could very much benefit from. Temporary hiring can also give you a chance to see how people work with your team and work as a paid trial for later on.

Engaged Staff

Temporary who are looking for work often are snapped up quickly. This can lead to companies wondering if they are engaged in the tasks at hand. People want a little more control over their work/life balance and the availability of temporary work can allow for this. As a result, temporary workers are far happier in their jobs and work harder. It doesn’t just stop with the temporary worker, either. Bringing on engaged and willing temporary workers to do more for your organisation can have a knock-on effect for the permanent staff you already have on board, too. The new blood in the office can bolster the mood and help people to work better and harder. Workloads that are on the rise can mean the pressure comes off the permanent staff a little and give them space to feel more relaxed in their jobs.


You may not have considered taking your company or practices in a new direction, but the introduction of temporary workers and the way they present themselves to your organisation can do exactly this. Temporary employees can help your company with an overflow of work, sure, but they can also bring new ideas and new eyes to the table and get you thinking of other ways you can expand your company. Extending your office or renovation can mean the need for temp staff arises. Meeting deadlines in business is extremely important, and your current workforce may need to be extended to do this. Bringing in temp staff to meet the initial need of the expansion can do more for the business while the permanent workforce get back on track.

Temporary workers will still need a level of ‘onboarding’ into your company, as they may be great at their jobs but still need a level of assistance in getting to know the staff and the way the company runs. An experienced temp is used to moving between workplaces and adapting quickly, which is what your company needs if there is a solution you are seeking. Make your permanent staff aware of how to treat temp employees and encourage them to be welcoming; after all, if the temp employee works hard, there could be a job for them in the long-term.

Ultimately, you have to weigh the costs of hiring in temporary against the cost of not meeting the deadlines in your company. Which one is going to cost you money? The benefits of hiring in temporary or contract staff far outweigh the reasons not to, which you can read more about here. You have to do what is right for your company and if that means hiring in temporary, embrace it with open arms.

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