4 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Business Control Freak

If you started your own business then controlling every aspect of it may be what you’re used to. But when the business starts to expand trying to stay on top of every little detail can easily lead to you burning yourself out.

When it comes to letting go of a business you’ve nurtured from day one it can be extremely difficult. So how can you step back a little and trust your business to others, while remaining in control? Here is some advice to help you take a step back, learn to trust others, and avoid becoming a control freak.

Ask for Help

Hiring an assistant to help deal with the day to day activities can really help take the strain off of your daily routine. It may be best to start with part-time help for handling phone calls, preparing invoices, and office management.

Getting some help with a part of the business you don’t feel is an area of your expertise is also a great way to minimise stress and make the business more efficient. Try hiring an independent contractor or specialist to help with things like your website; or even invest in software that easily allows you to track your assets.

Allow Others to Have a Hand in Decision Making

Allowing your employees to help make decisions about the business often leads to better results and leaves you in control of the business as a whole. The person closest to the questions source is more often than not the person in the best position to make a decision, but if you remain in control you can make sure they factor in the rest of the business and the bottom line.

Giving someone a choice of alternative solutions or providing a recommendation means you still have a hand in the decision, but ultimately you’re employee will be making the final decision. Provide advice and be prepared to help out with any decisions and eventually you may feel comfortable leaving some decision making processes totally to your employee’s responsibility.


If you feel you are ready to give a little more control to your employees it may be time consider delegation of some of the larger tasks. This may be difficult at first as it involves stepping back further from the business you created, but in the long run will probably be very beneficial.

Delegating tasks to your staff is a great way to streamline the business, leaving you to concentrate on the most important tasks; it also allows your employees to have a bigger role within the company and in turn take a bigger interest in its success. Share the responsibilities with employees who you trust, have specific skills for the tasks in hand, and show potential leadership characteristics.

Stay Positive

Being in control isn’t about micro-managing and getting emotionally invested in every decision, these are the makings of a control freak. The best leaders nurture positive behaviour by setting guidelines and parameters, mentoring and training employees, and only showing their authority when necessary.

Micro-managing employees can make them feel like they are constantly being watched, making the working environment feel restricting and limiting. A boss who provides guidance and allows employees to work in their own way and make decisions will feel less stress, as well as having a more streamlined organisation.

Simon Howarth is writing on behalf of Remote Asset Management, an established UK based business that provide vehicle tracking technology for fleets of all sizes.

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