12 Start-up Culture Secrets Your Business Can Use

When people hear the words “start-up,” they usually think of a culture full of freedom, innovation and risk-taking. This may not be a model every traditional company can have, but there are several culture secrets you can adopt for your organization.

Find (and give) flexibility – Many start-ups encourage employees to explore new ideas. Give your workers the freedom to suggest company improvements and do side projects to bring those improvements to life.

Know that every dollar counts – It can feel glamorous to take client appointments in your swanky downtown office…until the monthly rent bill comes and you can’t afford to buy anything else. Rather than spend money on things that don’t add to the bottom line, save your money and use it where it counts.

Make a plan – If you don’t create a plan, then you’re planning to fail. Make sure your business plan is tight. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out document, but it should have enough in it to give your company something to work toward.

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