Wednesday , August 31 2016

Why Contrarian Investing Is Right for You


We all know contrarians. They are the people who see what the masses are doing and do the opposite. When most people suggest one way of getting to a destination, they will head toward a different route and often get there sooner with less hassle. It can sometimes be frustrating …

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What to Do when Your Business Sells Booze


Call it brew, spirits, recipe, or just plain booze, you can’t sell alcohol without a lot planning and advice. Alcohol, even moderately used, presents risks to users and providers. So, you need to know what to do when your business sells booze. It takes some courage to open any business. …

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Handy Smartphone Apps That Can Make Your Job Easier


Credit Apps have become a huge part of modern living. Most people pack their smartphones with apps for all kinds of different purposes. Nielsen found that the average US smartphone user accessed 26.7 apps per month, and spent over 37 hours a month on smartphone apps. Some of the most …

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7 Secrets of Successful Startup Businesses


A startup business is defined as one that is entrepreneurial in nature and is designed to grow rapidly, meeting a need that is newly emerged. Startup businesses, companies, partnerships, or organizations are usually bankrolled by the founders, or by venture capitalists who have faith in the founders’ abilities to make …

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Finances on Track


Keeping the family finances in check while you also run a small business can be challenging. With instability in the economy it can be tough to figure out how to pay all the bills and still have money left over for savings, business reinvestment and discretionary expenses. However, there are …

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3 Marketing Tactics No Business Can Do Without


Image Marketing is one of those areas of business which people get confused about all the time. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, it can be all too easy to think you know it all. Typically, that is the moment when something completely untoward happens. And …

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6 Secrets to Improving Employee Productivity


There’s no denying the fact that increased productivity is associated with increased earnings. When your employees consistently produce excellent work in a short period of time, your clients are more likely to remain satisfied with your company and you’re more likely to experience growth and remain well above the red …

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