Wednesday , October 26 2016

Is Nurse Burnout Inevitable?


Everyone who works in the fields of health and safety experiences stress. Whether they’re immediately responsible for people’s lives, like a fire fighter, or responsible at a distance, like someone who designs a bridge, having other people dependent upon your ability to do your job takes an emotional toll. So …

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Why Tech Leadership Degree Programs Are Heating Up


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Businesses need to be tech-savvy to survive in most modern markets. Though this doesn’t mean every worker must return to school to delve deep into computer science, obtaining a background in tech unlocks opportunities to which most entrepreneurs lack access. It …

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Start Saving! Don’t Wait for the Truck to Hit You


I will start this article with bit a disappointing statistic: FED announced that 46% of adult Americans can’t afford extra 400$ to cover emergency situations. This means that they can’t afford starting a new small business either. And who knows how many aspiring entrepreneurs are bogged down with the lack …

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How to Free up Space on your iPhone


If you are like most people that own an iPhone, you have filled to the max with apps and photos along with other information. The problem comes in when you are out of space and want to install a new app for your business or to add your photo collection. …

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Can Apps Help Employees Enjoy Work More


We use apps nowadays for everything from depositing checks to counting calories. Recent data from Yahoo’s Flurry analytics revealed that 90 percent of the time we spend on our mobile devices is spent using apps. Clearly, in the personal realm, consumers are quite enthralled with apps. Those same consumers are …

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Five Best Ways to Save Money on New Tech


As technology develops at an exponential rate, it forces everything else to develop with it. To keep up, you need to have the latest tech. There are some people out there that have their names on the waiting list – as soon as the new gadget launches, they have it. …

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Let’s Be Clear About Business Communication…


The world of business is a complex environment, and there are an infinite number of pathways that can lead you to success. One aspect that every successful business needs, however, is great business communication. If the business is lacking clear communication, it will bring negative influences to a whole host …

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