Sunday , April 23 2017

5 Startup Growth Hack Tools No Entrepreneur Should Be Without


Growing a small business takes time. It also requires a great deal of effort and perseverance. In today’s modern business climate it has become easier for the smallest businesses and the most drive entrepreneurs to compete with well-established names in the industry. Copyright: Growth, though, is absolutely essential for …

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Are Your Employees Night Owls Or Morning Birds?


For decades, scientists have been researching when people are most awake in an attempt to get the most productivity out of them as possible. But during the course of their research, they discovered something interesting: no one-size-fits-all routine is suitable for everybody. Instead, different people are productive at different times …

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What You Gain Through Owning a Franchise


Business is a highly volatile matter, and there are a lot of variables that go into developing a business plan that could either spell success or defeat. There are also a lot of steps and preliminary actions that need to be done before any of the big important decisions and …

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What to Know When Selling a Mortgage Note

Happy Attractive Hispanic Woman Holding Sold Sign and In Front of House.

In recent times, interest rates have reached an all-time low and it will probably never be a better moment in time for selling a mortgage note or even a promissory note. The money you receive could be used to invest in your business, purchase a new home or save for …

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Best Practices for Incentivizing Your Employees


Not only are your employees the workhorses that make running your business possible, many of them also exhibit loyalty and dedication that you should not fail to appreciate. As the primary engines of your enterprise’s success, your employees deserve a comprehensive reward system that will afford them the recognition that …

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