Saturday , July 30 2016

Be a Leader, Not a Boss


When you think about the leaders in your organization, who comes to mind? Chances are, the first person who comes to mind is your boss. Most of us, in fact, associate “leader” with whoever happens to be in charge, but that isn’t always the correct interpretation of being a leader. …

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Is Buying Gold Bullions a Good Investment?


Not everyone knows about the magic behind gold bullion. As another investment strategy, buying gold bullions can be highly lucrative and pay off hugely. The money you earn can be used to invest in your current small business or to start a new one. Firstly, let’s discuss briefly a few …

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12 Things to Do Before Starting Your Startup


 “Go for it!” is the refrain of every experienced business owner talking to a young entrepreneur. It isn’t bad advice; after all, fear is the most common reason people hesitate to launch their own startups. However, there is good reason to be hesitant of starting a new business. A staggering …

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Your Internet Marketing Needs these Strategies


If you are in charge of a business, you are no doubt keen for it to expand as quickly as possible. It is likely that you are already aware, mostly, of what this entails. You obviously need to have a great product and deliver it smoothly. That much goes without …

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Don’t Want to Hurt Your Profits? Read This.


Profits aren’t the only thing you should be chasing in the world of business. But if your profit game isn’t strong, then your company could find itself in serious trouble.   Don’t work with lousy external services Businesses are outsourcing more and more these days. And that’s not a bad …

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1000th Post – Thank You!


Welcome to the 1000th post of the blog! I started during the first year of my MBA program at the Booth School of Business (University of Chicago). After launching a web design company in 2003 and not having a single client for 6 months(!) I knew I needed …

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