Thursday , May 26 2016

How to Handle Accidents in the Workplace


Accidents in the workplace may be common, but they are never a welcome occurrence. Nobody wins when an employee falls, trips, or ends up crushed in a piece of industrial machinery. Minor injuries heal quickly and the only cost to the employer is a few days absence from the workplace. …

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How to Save Time and Money When Hiring Drivers


If you run a transport and logistics business, hiring the right type of drivers for your fleet is hugely important. With safe, sensible drivers absolutely essential to the safety of the products that your company delivers and also the reputation of your business, putting a lot of time and effort …

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5 Tips For Saving Energy In The Workplace


So many of us waste energy in our business premises without thinking of the alternatives. We’re throwing that money away on a massive scale, and the disappointing part is that we shouldn’t have to be in that position. It’s really easy to save energy in the workplace, and it usually …

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Bringing 20th Century Communication Into the Digital Age


In many ways, running a business in 2016 is very different from running a business back in, say, the 80s. The Internet and smartphones provide new channels through which marketers can reach consumers, while simultaneously streamlining communication—literally. What’s more, it’s also easier for consumers to tune out marketing appeals by …

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